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Before you pack your bags and leave for your next vacation, here are a few apps that you should
download on your smartphone.  Believe it or not, they could make your travel experience even more beautiful than you could have imagined or planned.

1) Offline Maps & Navigation

With this app, you can manage your trips effectively, save money on gas and it has one of the best walking navigation systems I’ve ever used.  It is everything you ever wanted and more for an offline
navigation system.  So make sure you don’t make the mistake of leaving on your trip without this app.

I can assure you, it’ll save your life the way it saved mine.
When it comes to navigation, Offline Maps & Navigation is one of the best apps I’ve ever used and other reviewers seem to agree with me. I can promise you that this is one of those, once‐you‐try‐it‐you’ll‐never‐let‐go kinda apps.   All you have to do is select the continent you’re going to, download the country’s map and it literally saves your life, all while being disconnected from the internet.
When I was lost in Sweden and needed to find my way back to my ‘hidden‐in‐
plain‐sight‐hotel’, this app chauffeured me back to my hotel, like a local.

Apart from offering real‐time traffic information to all users, for drivers, a special feature alerts drivers of speed cameras / police presence in the vicinity.  There are also other features that help drivers make safer turns at
confusing intersections.

Developer: be.on.road
Platforms: iOS and Android
Type: Offline navigation software
Cost:  Free

2) Moovit

I was in London asking for directions from an old school mate when he suggested I download Moovit and that was the best advice he gave me.  That was the last time I needed to spend hours online trying to figure out how to get from one place to another using public transportation in different cities.  For those of us who don’t know how to ask for directions or are too shy for some reason or the other to ask for directions, Moovit to the rescue. Named as the best local apps by Google, Moovit offers real‐time public transit information for over 2000 cities in 80 countries translated in 44 different languages.

Moovit also offers GPS navigation for the various modes of public transportation available in each city be it for buses, ferries, trains, trams and rapid transit (metro, subway, underground) and allows users plan their journeys based on real‐time data. For someone as detail‐oriented like me, it gives
comprehensive itineraries and even alerts me before I get to my destination so I don’t miss my stop.
And if I do miss a stop, it immediately shows you alternative travel routes and options to reach your final destination.  So while trying to explore that new city you’re in, just Moovit.

3) Triposo

Triposo is another amazing app that acts as a ‘one‐stop‐shop’ for all your travel needs. Just imagine an app that gives you the freedom to book your accommodation, purchase city / sightseeing tours, check foreign exchange rates against your home currency, check the weather, and plan / personalize your trips. All these amazing features, which have their own individual apps by the way, are what makes up the amazing Triposo app.

The fact that this app works offline and it’s free too, makes this app my number 3 most important app to have.    With this app, you really don’t need any of the other apps. Triposo has data on over 50,000
destinations of the world and I bet there is no country you’re going to that doesn’t have a hidden gem that Triposo can reveal, waiting to be discovered by you. So why not take advantage of this wonderful opportunity. Having all features you need in one app is nothing short of amazing.

4) Google Translate

For those of us that don’t speak 103 different languages fluently, Google Translate is here to help with all your translation needs.  Since the app can translate multiple forms of text, speech, images, sites, or real‐time video, from one language to another, this goes without saying that this app is a must‐have app to have; especially if you’re going to foreign countries where English is not the languages being spoken there.

5) Booking.com

I can’t count how many times Booking.com has saved me with last minute accommodations.  Booking.com states that about 1,550,000 million rooms are booked daily on the platform. Considering the ease of use, the cheap rates being offered and also the special ‘discounts’ that are offered to frequent travelers, that number is very believable.   So if you ever need to make a last minute booking, consider the app that’s always able to get you a room no matter where you are.

BONUS: Couchsurfing
My first experience of using Couchsurfing was during my trip to Kenya, December 2016.  I had previously had a Homestay experience while in Belgium, hence the opportunity to meet and stay with locals in different countries and experience their culture was far more interesting than booking a hotel room and knocking boots with fellow tourists like me.  In Kenya, I got to meet a lovely
host who, if not for her support and guidance, I would have lost a lot of money and not seen half of the sights I intended on seeing in Kenya.

Couchsurfing creates a meeting point for tourists and would‐be hosts to meet and interact online, and the gives the host the opportunity to welcome these same tourists into their homes by offering a couch or a spare bedroom and even a hot meal.  Apart from having hosts
accommodate you for the period you are in their country, Couchsurfing has a feature called “Hangouts” which allows all members to quickly meet up with one another.  So if you’re in a foreign land and don’t necessarily need free accommodation but are looking to meet new people, Couchsurfing offers just the medium to do so and as well have fun.

So there you have it, my top 6 apps to have on your smart phones before you go on your next vacation.
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