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There is a substance which aids healing and speeds metabolism. When ingested in the right amount, it strengthens the immune system. Prolonged use of this substance slows and even stops aging because it gives its user the quantity of iron needed to quickly regrow cells. Finally, it has a high visibility and can keep metaphysical harm away from you. Luckily, the human body already produces this substance – you may know it as blood.

The past weeks had been really something for Segun Adesoya. Last week, Baba Idris pried out of him the real reason he wanted to be President and that left him sober for a few hours. Segun did not believe he could reveal such truth to anybody.


Segun recoiled for a second and turned to the sound he had just heard – it was only his phone letting him know that his wife was on the other side waiting to talk to him.
“Hello honey” Segun said trying to sound lively.
“Hi” said his wife on the other side of the phone
It was silent for a few seconds…
“Honey are you still there?” Segun said with some concern in his voice
“Yes I am” replied the wife “Aren’t you forgetting something?”
“If I have forgotten something, how would I know?’ replied Segun
“Witty” said his wife “Why do I even try with you?”
“I’m sorry sweetie” Segun said trying to sound remorseful “Please remind me what I have forgotten”
“I’ll just end the call” Toyin said “Happy Anniversary”
“Oh no!” Exclaimed Segun “I forgot again I am so sorry”
“I hear” said his wife sarcastically
“But I would have remembered later today dear” Segun tried to salvage the situation
“Abeg e” smirked his wife “I’m not angry Segun; hurry home once you are done over there I have a surprise for you. There’s someone at the gate take care of you”
“Oh okay honey” said Segun “I am so sor…” but the call had dropped.
Toyin proceeded to the front door to confirm who was at the gate. As she approached, the gate man was heading towards her with a white paper bag not more that ten inches wide from her vantage point.
“Madam pesin just give me dis tin for gate” the gateman started
“Wetin dey inside?” she asked while looking at the bag suspiciously.
“I no know ooo” the gateman replied “him say na oga send am”
“Ah anh” Toyin said; still inspecting the package from afar.
“Okay give me” she stretched out her hand as she took it. “Oga ke”
She dipped her had into the paper back and brought out a small box which was wrapped. Her heart melted when she read the letter attached to it.
“Happy Anniversary Honey, I hope this gets to you before you call me and say I have forgotten”

While the shaman felt sorry for Segun, he had his duty to help anybody who was bold enough to complete all the steps needed – well then it would be the person in question helping themselves. It was going to be a bit tough for someone who had never held political office and he knew he had his work cut out for him.
Segun, who was previously in the habit of leaving his office door ajar had become a man who shut his door at all times. He was increasingly less lively and he had some secrets to keep. He had also become fond of cranberry juice – or so everybody thought.
Segun poured himself a serving and as he gulped it down, he couldn’t shake the metallic taste from his mouth. He paused and thought about what he was doing but he couldn’t deny the energy that came from his liquid meal. His mind went back to another fragment of his conversion with Baba Idris:
“There is a substance which aids healing and speeds metabolism Segun” the shaman had said “When ingested in the right amount, it strengthens the immune system”
Segun being a doctor was curious as to what this substance could be
“Prolonged use of this substance slows and even stops aging because it gives its user the quantity of iron needed to quickly regrow cells. Finally, it has a high visibility and can keep metaphysical harm away from you. Luckily, the human body already produces this substance – you may know it as blood.”
Segun thought he had heard it all before now “why are you telling me this?” he refused to believe that what he was thinking was right “why is ingesting blood a possibility?”

“You wouldn’t be the first to do it” Baba Idris said boldly “More prominent people than you know drink blood; sure not all of them – but most”

“Wait wait” Segun said shaking his head “why? What happened to blood tonic?”
Baba Idris let out a loud laugh “come on Segun; this is not the time for jokes” but Segun wasn’t joking; he was disgusted among other things. “Do you need some convincing?” the shaman asked.
Segun was frowning now, silent like the night.
Baba Idris stood up with a swift motion and Segun realized they had been seating for so long. As the shaman stood up, he turned to back Segun while facing a curtain. He pulled back the curtain to reveal a shelve full of books. He stared at the shelve for a few seconds and pulled out a book.

“I maintain a chronicle of the effects blood-drinking has on my system.” The shaman said still backing Segun “I have been keeping this journal for sixty-six years now since I started drinking the miracle elixir”
Segun doubted this highly; Baba Idris did not look anywhere near that age.
“I was introduced to this truth by my father” he continued “but I started practicing at forty-five.” Baba Idris paused “So how old does that make me Segun?”
Segun did the math in his head but the number was impossible. How can he be over a hundred looking like this?
The shaman pulled out another book and handed it to Segun. “Take a quick look” he said
Segun took the book reluctantly and opened it. It was a small book of no more than twenty pages and as he opened it, all he saw were names; one per line.
“What am I looking at?” Segun asked; he was not happy and he wanted to leave. In his opinion, this was becoming too much for him to handle.
“Keep looking” the shaman pressed and with a sigh of frustration, Segun flipped the page. As he went down the pages, his face seemed to contort with confusion.
“I know some of these names” he exclaimed “My father’s name is in here” Segun was flipping through faster “this one is a musician my son idolizes” he said pointing to a name in the book “and this is an ex-minister”
“Those are the people who have passed through me and have done what it took to achieve greatness” the shaman spoke; he was seated now.
“You will need a journal of your own” he said
“You want me to keep a diary?” Segun asked angrily
“You need to clam down Segun” Baba Idris said “This is no big deal”.
Segun thought about it and looked into the book again. Flipping through the pages slowly and shaking his head. All these people drank blood?
“You will get yourself a diary Segun” Baba Idris seemed to interrupt his thoughts “And you will write down the changes you notice in the next coming weeks”

Segun drove to his house to meet his wife and celebrate their anniversary though he was still finding it hard to believe that he had been taking small doses of blood daily for the past month. He had gotten his journal and inspired by a popular TV series, had given it a name which he wrote on the first page. As he got into his lobby, he could already pick the smell of the delicious meal he would be enjoying soon.
He freshened up and had a romantic dinner. He knew it was going to be a great evening.
“I told you I had something for you right?” Toyin said across the table from her husband.
“Oh yes” Segun replied “I can’t wait”
“Thank you so much for the jewellery set” Toyin said “I have wanted that for a while; give me a minute”
Toyin left the dining for a little more than a minute and returned in a blood-red, semi-transparent gown. One hand behind her; hidden from his view. She looked great for a woman with two children and the sight further validated Segun’s initial thought – It was going to be a great evening.
“I am loving this gift” Segun said smiling cunningly.
“Oh the next one will knock your socks right off” Toyin said as she revealed her hidden hand.
All the excitement from Segun’s body vanished and his heart sank to the bottom of his stomach. Oh God I am finished.
Tell me about this book honey” Toyin said; her eyes locked to her husband’s and her smile disappearing. She threw the book at him as she walked over and took a seat “Tell me about The Vampire’s Diary”.

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