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There have been quite a number of miracles since the earth was formed about 10 years ago. Wait you mean the launch of the Marvel cinematic universe in 2008 was not the beginning of the Earth? Wow I have a lot to learn! Nonetheless, one of the miracles I speak of  is the substance known as Sodium Bicarbonate (popularly known as baking soda). This white, powdery substance (not to be sniffed like another popular white, powdery and illegal substance) can be used for pretty much everything and you are in for a new world of possibilities as we dive into some of the amazing uses of baking soda.


For me, there is almost nothing as disgusting as terrible oral hygiene whether it is plaque or mouth odor. As far as the mouth is concerned, there are many things to consider; teeth strength and gum health among them. So what can baking soda do for you in the mouth area?

  • Teeth whitening / Plaque removal – Mix some baking soda in water to make a paste; brush  your mouth with it twice a day.
  • Mouth freshness – Mix a teaspoon of baking soda in a glass of water and use it to rinse your mouth (don’t swallow after rinsing)


Seeing as baking soda is a natural formula, it is easy on the human body unlike a number of products which you see in the supermarket shelves. As a deodorant, baking soda will keep you feeling all-round fresh for a number of hours without the discomfort other products may put you through (such as staining your clothes etc). All you need to do is sprinkle baking soda in your armpits and you ar good to go. For some, their skin is too sensitive for raw contact but that is not the baking soda’s fault – it’s probably due to other substances the skin has been exposed to; however if this is your case, then mix in a little vinegar or water.


Baking soda is a safe antacid and can do wonders for internal issues such as heart burns, constipation and more. Mix in the soda with a glass of water and drink (you can swallow this time). This remedy is so powerful that you only need to do it once or twice for full relief.


Apply baking soda solution to your face using a clean cloth to exfoliate the skin. The gist here is to rub lightly and not vigorously. This should be done three to four times a week as facial skin is a bit more sensitive to other skin covering the body.


Due to oil and grEase build up, we may find that our drains get clogged every once in a while and that is not a cool experience. Instead of calling a plumber right away the next time, mix in some baking soda in vinegar and pour it in the drain. if it was oil and grease build-up that was the issue, in a few minutes it will be sorted out.


A lot of us have spent a lot of money trying to get a flat stomach – i have seen a lot of ladies go the ‘keto’ way with minimal results as it concerns tummy fat but I have come to see that the easiest and cheapest remedies are usually the best in terms of safety to health in general.

On an empty stomach first thing in the morning, drink baking soda solution and wait at least one hour before your first meal. The results are amazing.

*Disclaimer – the above tip does not work for people who have a problem with gluttony, if you eat more than your body needs then sort that out first before trying any fix.


Fruits are things we eat straight up most times without peeling (apples are a good example of this kind of fruit) so washing them well is of utmost importance. Sprinkle a bit of baking soda in the water you would use to wash your fruits and soak them for about 30 seconds. Wash and enjoy.


Even though there are a lot of uses for this amazing substance, I choose to highlight these few. As far as cleaning goes, baking soda can be used for pretty much everything from shoes, garbage cans etc. I purposely did not put down it’s use as a crazy rising and stabilizing agent in pastries such as cakes but come on! it’s called BAKING SODA – everyone knows that use.

So try out these things and you will find yourself getting richer instantly – baking soda comes in sizes for as low as N250 and even if you use it for everything, you would still get at least a month’s usage out of it – that’s a lot of money saved.

Go online and I am sure you will find a lot more uses which would benefit you and others. As you find these uses, please share them with others. You don’t know who needs the info.


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