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You may have gotten tired of hearing about Davido and his girlfriend this week, but at least be thankful that you got a break (just a little) from hearing the word, ‘accolades’. Charles Okocha’s accolade challenge has clearly gotten bigger than him as many Nigerians aren’t sure of the origin of the popular skits and references. Give the man his respect (I’m trying not to be too typical here). One fellow who cried out for his own props this past week was iconic comedian, Julius Agwu.

Looking at the timing of Agwu’s own accolade challenge video, it seems like he was objecting to being left out when Vice President Osinbajo was praising Agwu’s colleagues earlier in the week. Anyone who has spoken to Julius Agwu for 5 minutes knows that he has a habit of reminding the public of his contributions and his status as a pioneer in the entertainment industry. He’s not wrong. So, apart from introducing our brand new articles for this week, I also urge you to check out our interview with Julius Agwu which ran in December. Apart from being someone who has paid his dues, he is also someone who has surmounted incredible health challenges and perhaps that’s something that many of us can relate to on some level.

This week, I’ve written about a dangerous situation that needs urgent attention. It’s the air pollution that’s plaguing Rivers State. Its severity would be hard to grasp by someone who hasn’t been there lately but it is our hope that the article gives an idea to the reader who hasn’t experienced it.  We’ve got this and other great new content this week, so relax and enjoy as we welcome you to the weekend. PS: be sure to sign up for our email updates.

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