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President Buhari’s visit to the United States, the May Day terrorist attack in Adamawa, and the matter of a new minimum wage,.. These are just some of the headlines that were beautifully obscured by Davido’s promotional/romantic gesture to his sweetheart. Even the footage of Vice President Osinbajo acknowledging popular entertainers could have gone more viral if it wasn’t for that Davido. And, it’s no consolation that radio, TV and newspapers carried the other serious stuff because, well, young Nigerians don’t really follow those media; they spend more time online. This is worth noting because it is young people that have the energy to challenge government.


We all agree that this is the information age. I believe that an age is sometimes named after one of the popular weapons of that time. So, we had the “Stone Age… and now we are in an age where information can be carefully released to manipulate society.  If you’re following the latest season of ABC’s thriller, Homeland, then you wouldn’t underestimate the power of a well timed headline, as an instrument in even terrorism. A “bombshell headline” can be just that… Goodness, please watch the latest season of Homeland.


To illustrate the point I’m making, here are the stats showing how many people have commented on different stories (all stories were posted on the same day on Instablog9ja’s Instagram page).

Nina Suffers Emotional meltdown as Miracle jets out to Imo State                      3860
Obasanjo: Even Morons won’t describe Buhari’s Performance as Superlative 398
Nigerian Lady Brags About Her Boyfriend’s Schlong                                                      7701
Melaye Pictured During His Arraignment                                                                              2408
Army Parades Another Suspected Killer Herdsman                                                               74
Davido’s Girlfriend Rushes to God…                                                                                           3799



It doesn’t help that the average Nigerian is disgusted by the average politician or government official and tires of paying attention to them. Nigerian youths and their controversy-worthy antics are more meaningful to watch than the Agbada and Kaftan criminals. Their stories are easier to understand and follow. I mean, how can you not lose your mind thinking about how a mace can be spirited from the National Assembly and found under a bridge. The stories which I mentioned at the start were from this week. Let’s not even bother with the stories from last week which we should have kept following; stories like the Tocano purchase or the Dino Melaye  saga. This Assurance story and its distraction is not what Dino Melaye needs right now.


You will agree that in a situation where an arm of government is under scrutiny for something they have done, a diversionary story would come in handy in distracting the people. Pretty soon more and more people are going to take advantage of this fact. We may have moved on from newspapers and embraced the internet but we are not so different from those guys who have always gathered round newsstands discussing the stories. Have you ever noticed how engrossed those guys are?

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