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Recently I picked up a new trick and that is seeing the world from another person’s perspective. In a few seconds of studying a person, I can experience life from their point of view and while the experience doesn’t last long, there is a lot I can learn in those few seconds.

This trick has taught me to be more understanding and tolerant of the next person. But I have also learned to not waste any time with people whose experience is not aligned with mine.

We all have our own unique journeys and here at, we know that and carry that idea into every post. We make sure that there is something new to learn everything you open and read any of our master-crafted articles and even if it is just a cartoon, your storehouse of knowledge is enlarged no matter how miniscule.

This week we have more of our great content from our story series to lovely pieces on Davido and Chimamanda. So please dive in and enjoy your weekend.

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