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There are a handful of families who rule the world. It is these people who choose the ruler of almost every country. You need to be in their good books as they have made the game of politics their throne.

Five weeks ago Segun Adesoya had taken a bold step as he drove to Ogun State to sit with a ‘babalawo’ who he was told would help him achieve his goal. He had had a handful of experiences since then which let him know hat the world as he saw it before was incomplete. He had come to discover a greater power outside the physical realm and while it was scary, it was exciting as well.

Segun looked at the date from the calendar in his office and it reminded him that his wife had not been home for four days. She had taken a few of her things and left to go stay in a hotel after being told a horrific story by her husband. She needed time to process the information and Segun made sure he called and that the driver took the children to go visit for a few hours everyday. He wasn’t bothered his wife would leave him; he just wanted her back in the house.

As he sipped his cranberry juice, he winced a bit at the metallic taste it gave; he wasn’t quite used to that yet. He felt the energy move through his body as he closed his eyes for a minute.

“free up my appointments today” he said to his secretary. “I have some meetings to attend”. He thought about the people he was going to meet and his heart skipped a beat. He knew that some people were powerful but what he had seen and heard in the past five weeks was beyond anything he could have imagined.

“There are a handful of families who rule the world Segun.” Baba Idris had said to him. “It is these people who choose the ruler of almost every country and you need to be in their good books as they have made the game of politics their throne.” The shaman paused for a bit.

“After you have reached a certain vibration mentally and physically, you can start meeting them”.

“Who are these people?” Segun asked “And how are they involved in choosing a new leader?”

“Well Segun” Baba Idris responded calmly; “There are people in power called Kingmakers and they have existed for thousands of years; they own everything and everyone. They have always been the ones in power and the presidents of the world do their bidding”

“So when can I meet them?” Segun was eager to meet these people as he knew he was closer to achieving his aim.

“Not so fast Segun” the shaman said. “Before you meet these people, your energy level must have been up to a certain degree. There are a number of other things you must do”.

Segun was struggling with a number of other tasks. He had to agree to the loss of a loved one sometime in the future, he had to manipulate energy from any of his own children meaning that the child he chose would start falling ill very often and finally, he had to choose a part of his own body and give up its function.

“Don’t be afraid Segun” Baba Idris reassured, “Other presidents have done it over the years. Some have toyed with their wives’ intelligence making them say all manner of senseless things on camera, others have given up internal organs which makes them seek treatment so often. The truth is that you have all the money and power at that point to manage your situation”
Segun wanted to be president more than anything but the terms he was given were becoming very steep and he was becoming very uncomfortable.
“You don’t have to tell me which of your loved ones you are going to sacrifice, you don’t have to divulge yet the child whose energy you will manipulate and you don’t have to decide what bodily function you will give up before you meet these king Makers” Baba Idris said “but you must agree to comply” Segun listened attentively “if you haven’t made the choice until after your first meeting, then the choice will be made for you.” The shaman breathed to collect his thoughts. “Once you are ready Segun, you will know where these men and women are; you should be ready to travel all round Nigeria… But you will start right here in Ota.
All that stood in Dr Adesoya’s way was the decision be had to make.He didn’t have to give names just yet but he had to agree that when the time came for his sacrifices, he would not fuss or beg.
Segun’s phone rang and although he wasn’t in the mood to take calls, he had to answer it.
“Goodafternoon Pastor” Segun said as he put the phone to his ear, the energy from the blood in his system still coarsing through his veins.
“Hello Segun” The pastor replied “how are you today and how is business?”
“We bless God” Segun said with a bit of sarcasm in his tone. “How have you been Pastor?” As it turns out, the two men had never talked about their brief meeting in the shrine a few weeks ago so there was this strange tension between them.
“God has been faithful” Said the pastor. “Anyways Segun” he continued as though he just remembered why he called. ‘I was on a trip with Mr President and his Sister’ s grandson came up”
Segun’s heart skipped but he tried to stay calm. “What about him pastor?”
“You performed a surgery on him” the pastor continued. “his name was Tayo”
“Oh yes of course” Segun pretended to just remember “tragic what happened to him”
“Yes real tragic” the pastor confirmed. “We are looking for the doctor who performed the autopsy”
There was a brief pause but Segun broke the silence. “i haven’t seen or heard from him in a while” he said “he resigned”.
“Hmm…” Said the pastor. “Well I just needed to confirm from you”
“Okay thank you” Segun said. He was in a hurry to end the call
“Please stay close Segun” the pastor said “The president may want to see you when he comes back next week”. And the call ended.
Segun could not believe his ears. Be wanted to meet the president but not like this. How much does be know? Segun asked himself as he worried a bit. That was all he needed to make his decision. In that moment he knew that the loss of a body function a d a loved one was better than what would happen to him if the President found out about his secret.
Segun left Lagos and headed straight for Ota. As he drove, be remembered another part of the meeting with Baba Idris.
“As you go to meet these people, you may see other candidates with them. Don’t let this worry you. Just focus on listening and learning from them”
Segun thought to himself as he drove. So there are other people who want to be President so much they would kill? In my case I am desperate but what could cause another person who is not in my position to lose themselves in pursuit of power?
As Segun approached the house on the hill just as was described to him, be took a deep breath as he imagined what the meeting would be like. He got to the gate and the sight was truly something to behold. Trees lined the drive way to reveal a mansion at the end of it. There was a luxurious car park and the cars there did justice to it. As Segun parked his car, he noticed another car which was familiar. His suspicion was confirmed as he walked to the front door.
“Pastor?” he said.
“Ah Segun” the pastor replied “what brings you to my uncle’s house?”
“uhm..” Segun stammered
The pastor smiled. “Come on Segun” he said “first the shrine and now this? I know exactly why you are here”
The pastor looked around to make sure they were not being seen. He took a sip from the red liquid in his cup and turned back to Segun. “We need to talk”

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