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Oh no! It wasn’t supposed to be Davido. We always wanted our Nigerian artists to get so successful that they would own private jets. But we would have liked it to be a rags-to-riches scenario like maybe Tuface buying one with his talent after paying his dues for so long, or maybe Psquare with their eastern illustrousness. We didn’t want the rich kid to be the first to do it, because the Nigerian entertainment industry seemed like the one industry where you could be the greatest regardless of your parents’ wealth. Wealth and success in every other industry seems to be well assisted by family or government connections (or both).


To his credit, Davido is one of the rich kids in entertainment who can actually make good music. And thankfully he is not pretending to be poor like some rich kids would. He is wearing it (his wealth) like a badge which means his management team has the right ideas; the audience appreciates authenticity.


Die hard OBO fans might argue that he purchased the jet with his own money, and not family funds. That’s true, but they would have to realize that being rich puts you in the right rooms to talk business, and having a safety net makes spending ‘your own’ money less impressive than if you came from hardship.


When I think of how much stress one has to go through when flying commercial, I have to say congratulations to Davido for making his life easier with a private jet. But I’m worried about him. What’s the next step? He may have run out of ways to stunt and impress us. Let’s examine all the things an entertainer would have to do to impress us and prove that they are a big time. It appears he’s done it all.


Getting verified on social media

Buying expensive cars

Expensive home

International collaboration

Run a business


The only thing that’s left for Mr. Adeleke to do is to date/marry a celebrity, and it seems he’s trying to fix that problem. He appears to have created a celebrity out of  his Chioma. Early in the week, the internet went wild over the announcement that he had helped his girlfriend secure a lucrative deal for a cooking show.


The only way the other guys in the game can compete is if they stop competing; they would have to make like it’s no longer about material wealth anymore. They could simply look at all Davido has done and say, we are not doing again, we’re going to find another way to be considered cool – like being conscious artists, for instance. That would be cool.


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