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The dictionary defines success as the favourable outcome of anything attempted. That definition works well for me because it lets me know that success can mean different things for different people.
That being said, we know how challenging it is to have a favourable outcome when we attempt something big. For you it could be building a company, or becoming President, or having a million Naira by next weekend. Whatever it is, success comes at a price and what I intend to do with this article is to show us that there are certain things successful people do and if you can do those things, then success will be yours as well.
To put this article together, I profiled a hundred random successful people from all over the globe (as far as my internet could reach) and all of them practice at least four out of the five habits I am going to talk about here. If I were you, I’d pay some attention.

*Disclaimer – This is going to get very real and may offend people who are practicing unsuccessful habits.


In my study, I realized that successful people wake up early. They are up latest by 5am everyday and the best part is, they were waking up this time before they were considered successful. To put it bluntly, if you sleep in everyday till 10am-12pm, there is little you can show for your life so far.
Even if you are not busy or running a company, waking up early gives you more hours to plan your day and your life. When you awake in that calmness of the morning, your thoughts are free from the distraction which comes from the later part of the day and that alone is an edge. Dangote, Otedola, Gates and Ellison have all stated that they barely sleep and when they finally get some sleep, they are still up before anyone else.
A billionaire once said “Since I was 7, the sun has never awakened before me”. This is the mentality we need to have if we are to attain success


A television programme is called “programme” for a reason. It tells you what to think so it programs you. A rich man once said that a TV is for appearing on not for watching and he had a point. Successful people watch little to no TV and I realized that right now, I do not know how to even use a cable TV remove control (I am not joking here). That is how much I don’t watch TV.
For me personally, If I have a movie or series, or news to see, I go online, download it or read it from a blog somewhere.
If you carry a remote control and say things like “let me see what’s on TV” then you are practicing an unsuccessful habit. If I sit down in front of a TV, it is because I know exactly what I want to watch (Food Network) and I know exactly what channel / program I am viewing.
Following every whim which shows up on that screen turns you into a mindless person with no ideas of your own. Basically, the term is Sheeple (sheep people)


Successful people exercise. That is as simple as it is. They care about their body and their fitness. You are free to do your own research. The Presidents of the United States (Including Donald Trump) have a very strict exercise pro gram and this goes across the board to successful people in general.
Once your mind is tuned to success, you realize that you need to exercise – no matter how small. I have been exercising on and off since I was 15 years old and that was almost 14 years ago.
Exercising increases the production of pheromones which make you feel good. When you feel good and excited, you are equipped to face the challenges which come with having a favourable outcome of your attempt and you can persevere when things are not going your way instead of getting depressed and backing out. Not to mention that it makes you healthier.


Successful people work with people while the unsuccessful person wants to do it all alone. Let me use myself as an example. The company I run builds awesome websites and does digital marketing and this works because we have a specific person who does graphics and another who chooses brand colours. Unsuccessful people believe they an do all things through…let me not complete that sentence but the point is, while you can do all things, you need to focus on your strengths while lettings others showcase their strengths as well.

All successful people used the skills of other people to become successful and that is how it should be so when the success comes, you have people to share the experience with. Unsuccessful people want all the glory and that is really being selfish and selfishness is an unsuccessful habit.
As you get free time to put your plans together, think of others who are in a position to contribute to your gaols and not only will you achieve success sooner, you will feel better as you achieve.


The insanely successful do not have a lot of friends. This is going to piss some people off but you were warned. Who is a friend? An old edition of Reader’s Digest (1977) defined a friend as someone who has the same mind as purpose as you. Let’s do a little math.
If you say you want to be famous, you will have a lot of friends because everybody wants fame and now it is easy to be famous by doing a silly video on social media. If you take it up a notch and say you want to start waking up by 4am, you would realize that most of your friends will leave because they can’t keep up. If you decide that you can no longer waste time in front of the TV, that circle will reduce even more. Let’s not even go the part where you quit junk food and start exercising. See what I’m saying?
The people who have a success mind-set have few friends because in the end, it is only a few people who have the mind and purpose of success so by default, as you move towards success, you will shed off the extra weight of people who do not share that mind and purpose.

Everybody wants success and while we spend a good amount of our early lives in one school or another, no one actually teaches us how to attain this thing called success; this thing everybody wants so much.
By going through the methods outlined here, you can see that success is possible and the price, while it may not be difficult, is difficult to stick to and I think the crux of the matter is this: If we can discipline our mind to do these things, we will be well equipped to handle any other goal we set for ourselves.

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