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The past, present, and future are all happening now. From the right viewpoint, you can see them all.

Segun Adesoya felt like his heart was being ripped from his chest as he stared at the dead body of his son. He knelt down beside the boy’s bed as he tried so hard not to breakdown in front of his wife and daughter. He was not only sad, but angry, disappointed and suicidal.

This was too soon he thought to himself. It should have been the girl. His only son which he nicknamed ‘Oba’ was just six and despite all the dreams and aspirations his father had for him, the day had come for Segun to pay a debt and even though he agreed to it, it took him by surprise and that was stating it lightly.

“This is all your fault Segun” Toyin said through teary eyes. She did not care that her daughter was in the room “Look at him Segun! LOOK AT HIM!”
But Segun did not look at him. His hand clasped tightly around the now cold hands of his dead six year old but he was still on his knees with his head bowed.
“The choice will be made for you” Baba Idris had said a few weeks back. He didn’t know the situation would be this dire and he wished for a second that he could go back and change it.
Footsteps aroused Segun’s ear lobes. They seemed to be coming from behind him and they were quicker than normal. Segun paused for a second before he looked back and caught a slap to his face.
“I SAID LOOK AT HIM SEGUN!” Toyin screamed at the top of her lungs as she watched her husband lose balance and fall to the ground. Her heart was racing so much she didn’t take note of the fact that she also suffered a bit of the pain she just inflicted. She turned to her daughter who understood the look immediately and hurried out of the room sobbing.
Segun tried to regain balance from the slap he had just received as he used his hands to feel his way back up but there it came again on his face; another slap, this time harsher than the first.
“You killed him Segun” Toyin was mad “WHY??! ANSWER ME!”
Segun shook his head and it was becoming too difficult to see. He pushed his hands in front of him to at least shield him from further harm “Darling please calm down” he said, trying to get up on his feet.
“You will pay for this Segun” Toyin scolded “I can’t believe you would let them take my son”
Segun could hear his wife muffling sobs but she hit him hard and he was still trying to regain full balance. Once he was on his feet, he headed towards her. “Sweetheart please”
“Don’t you ever call me that again unless you bring back my son” she blurted “Don’t come near me”
“Let me explain please” Segun insisted
“No!” said Toyin “You did all your explaining two weeks ago remember? I can’t believe I actually considered giving you a second chance. I said don’t come any closer”
“Sweetie you have to let me explain. I made a terrible mistake” Segun spoke quickly as he moved closer to his wife” There are more dangers coming”
As he got close enough to her, she swung for another slap but he was quicker this time. As she stumbled in front of him due to the energy she invested in the missed attack, he was able to hold her from behind.
“Toyin!” Segun said “Calm down please”
But she wouldn’t hear of it; she continued moving and he couldn’t believe her own strength. The mistake he made was letting her go and with that force, she stumbled even more and fell. As she fell, her head hit the bed post and his heart skipped.
“Toyin talk to me” Segun said as he moved towards his wife but she didn’t say a word.
He reached down to her and checked for a pulse. A few seconds later he realised that she was reunited with her son. Segun’s heart could not take it. His mind could not comprehend it. There is no way my luck is this bad. Then came the headache…the room became blurred…and then pitch black.

“Segun we need to talk” Pastor Usikalo said to Dr Segun in the driveway of his uncle’s hilltop house in Ota. “If you are here it means you know what is about to happen to your family”
Segun thought about it for a second and nodded sadly.
“What is it that could make you sacrifice such just to be president?” the Pastor asked.
As Segun thought about the question, he made a startling realization. If he was here indeed, and he knew what was at stake, then the pastor must have also risked the same stakes.
“How is your daughter’s health Pastor?” Segun asked
The pastor smiled “You know my daughter has been sick for three years right?” he asked “it hasn’t been easy”
“yes I know” Segun replied. “I have studied her file. It says the sickness has no medical explanation” Segun paused “almost as though it came out of no where two weeks before you got your political break.
“Yes Segun” the pastor replied “God sure tests us in strange ways”
“Right” Segun said with a bit of sarcasm in his voice
“You have your tests coming too you know?” asked the pastor
“I will cross that bridge when I get there” Said Segun “And you should have that eye checked out” he added as he noticed that the pastor’s left eye was droopy.
“Thanks Segun I will” replied the pastor. “I should let you go in for your meeting”
As Segun walked past the pastor, he was called back.
“Yes pastor?”
“About that bridge” the pastor said “you are already on it; and it is collapsing fast”
Segun did not know what the pastor meant but he would soon find out. He had a swell meeting and the first Kingmaker and ex-president was already on board with him. There were six other powerful men he had to meet in order to secure his place for 2019. H was feeling good about himself the next day in his office when his wife called.
“Segun! It’s Oba” she said sounding panicky on the phone “The illness came out of nowhere”
“Oh God” Segun said. It has begun already? “Where are you now honey?”
“I am back with him at home” she said “I went to get him from school as the nurse called me”
“Okay honey” Segun said but he was cut short.
“I am bringing him to the hospital night now”
Segun knew that if it is what he was thinking, then there was no way to cure the boy so he had to think fast. “No need for that” he said. “I am coming home”
Over the course of the week, Oba’s health got worse with every trip Segun made. He had managed to meet the three of the seven kingmakers and with every meeting, his son’s health deteriorated. He felt he was getting closer to his goal but he did not like what he was becoming.
“In this life Segun” the shaman had said, “We make our choices, and in turn our choices make us. By agreeing to purse this throne, you must play the game well. The mere fact that you have chosen this path will expose you to evils you never imagined but if you are strong, you will overcome.”
Segun didn’t know how much stronger he needed to be after he had lost his wife in child in such a manner. He awoke from his blackout with a start and he was breathing heavily. One thing was starange though; he didn’t wake up where he expected to. “Toyin! Oba! Tobi!” he shouted but then a callm voice behind him said “Breathe Segun”
Segun truned around. He was startled but then the shaman said again “Breathe”
Segun could not wrap his head around what was happening. He was back at the shrine and Baba Idris was dressed the same he was the day they first met.
“How am I here?” Segun asked “How did I get back here?”
Baba Idris smiled “You never left Segun. Your car is still parked in the forest and only one hour ago, you told me you wanted to be president.”
Segun recoiled “One hour ago? That was six weeks ago”
“The past, present, and future are all happening now Segun” the shaman said, “From the right viewpoint, you can see them all. You inhaled soke from a wooden cup and that smoke is one of the most powerful psychedelics known to man. What you just saw is six weeks into your most likely immediate future”
“Oh my God” Segun said “You mean none of fthat has happened yet?”
“Well everything has already happened Segun” the shaman replied “But your choices will determine the future you experience”
“God forbid I don’t want to experience that future” Segun blurted, his heart still beating fast.
“I have only been here for one hour?” Segun asked.
The shaman smiled, “look at your watch” he said.
Segun confirmed that he hd in fact not left the shaman’s shrine.
“Forget everything” Segun said “Can I just leave and never thnk about this ever again?”
“Of course you can” the shaman replied “You can desist from this particular ambition and experience a different future.”
“But everything I saw; I kept remembering lessons you taught me”
“Every lesson I taught you is true Segun” the shaman shot back “from stranger things, to the vampire diary, to the game of thrones. Those lessons are yours to keep; practice at your own risk.”
“No ooo” Segun said hastily. “I don’t even want to dabble. I just want to go and be the best father and husband I could ever be while I still can”
“What of the person you paid off to hide your error” The shaman asked
“What will be will be Baba” Segun said “I have already made the mistake; I can’t live in fear”.
As Segun walked out of the Shrine, he placed a call to his wife who was worried as to why he was out this late.
“How are the children?” he asked his wife on the phone.
“They are the way you left them and they are waiting for you as usual”
“Segun breathed a deep sigh of relief. “I will be home soon honey. I love all of you so so much and I could never live without you all”
“What happened to you Segun?” the wife asked with some concern in her voice.
“Oh honey! I am fine. It couldn’t be better”

As Segun walked out of the Shrine, Baba Idris took a deep breath. Yes he was skilled in the esoteric arts but on days like this, his gift felt more like a curse. These projections into the possible future took a lot from him in terms of focus and physical strength and a session like Segun’s would leave him weak for at least 48 hours.
He had to let things play out even though he suspected that Segun would back out in the end; many people do once they see what they are calling on themselves. While he sat thinking about the next person who would walk in to his shrine to ask for help with the manifestation of some selfish desire, he recalled an event that happened just before Segun walked in.
“An acquaintance of yours is outside but you already know that. Act surprised when you see him. Remember to leave this place backing the door” Baba Idris said.
The pastor had seen everything he needed to see. He knew exactly what to expect but he still had a question for the shaman.
“Is there anything you can do as it concerns my race for the 2019 Presidential seat?”
Baba Idris paused from sipping his thick red drink and replied “Pastor! I have done all that is needed for you” He took one last sip and completed his reply to Pastor Usikalo “You are already Vice President; There is nothing more I can do”.
With that, Baba Idris signalled to a young girl and beckoned her to come close. “Follow the pastor out and call in the man who he will talk to; I have a feeling today will be the first and last time I meet him.


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