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Linda Ikeji’s  Pregnancy: Single moms can be proud too.

Nigerians may not realize it now, but Linda just gave a self esteem boost to any woman who has to face our society’s judgmental tenor because of a child out of wedlock. She deliberately broke the news a day after the Royal wedding, meaning she actually wanted to trend. She will probably help take away the stigma from single motherhood, the way Big Brother is taking the stigma away from casual sex. Her deliberateness and her confidence make us suspect that she’s in fact, secretly married.

Police in the news: The animosity between the police and the rest of the society cannot be allowed to continue.

The Nigerian public didn’t express much sympathy when the news broke of a SARS officer getting killed shortly after his wedding. How could they when in the same week, we saw a video of a cop beating a woman at a checkpoint and we heard of the police harassing Cool FM On Air Personality, Dotun? The police desperately needs to be reformed.

Buhari VS Obasanjo: No president will ever be a saint.

The argument between Buhari and Obasanjo seemed to be about who was worse, not who was better. Buhari pointing to Abacha as a good example goes further to show that we have only had different versions of questionable leadership, and perhaps we should hope for the most effective bad leader instead of a good one. No way!

Victims of violence in the North: Life is cheap in Africa.

While that may not be the most patriotic thing to say, it is an expression of my own outrage – outrage at how long a killing trend is allowed to continue unabated. There is a common theory that there is a genocidal agenda behind the killings that have been going on in Nigeria but how much outrage has been shown by Nigerians, towards the killings? In the week under review, we saw protest marches as well as a visit to Benue by the Association of Nigerian Authors led by Wole Soyinka. It’s not enough.

The Royal Wedding: You can have a wedding your own way.

Last weekend’s royal wedding was different from previous ones in many ways. Hopefully, that should encourage more couples to go off book or ignore popular conventions when planning a wedding, or a marriage for that matter.

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