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What do we do now; now that the meeting between the United States and North Korea has been called off? The world seemed like a safer place when that plan to meet was on the table. Maybe everything will be okay if either Trump or Kim read our article on reconciliation which we posted a few weeks ago. You too should check out some of our articles from previous weeks (we publish new articles every Saturday morning).

This week, one of our posts seeks to draw lessons from some of the stories that trended during the week. It doesn’t make sense for any individual to go from day to day without learning from happenings, how much more a people. Hence our title, 5 Lessons Nigerians Learned This week. Also, look out for our article on a bizarre substance abuse trend, plus all the other great stuff on here.

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How would Kanye say it back in the day? “It feels good to be home”.  For me, when I have to put up a post for you guys, it feels like home to me and it’s because it’s exciting and comfortable at the same time.

This weekend I am pondering about consistency and how it is the backbone of every successful achievement. The real question is this; why is consistency as important as it is? Here is what I have found pout in my own experience.

First off, you must believe without a doubt that you can achieve a goal before you actually achieve it and consistency I have found is what creates that unshakable belief. let me use an example:

When I first started working out again (that was January 2016), I could barely do 10 reps of bench press at once. Yeah it was that bad! I used to get  scared when it was time to work out and my target was a hundred reps in a day. I didn’t believe I could do any better but I dreamed that one day I would.

My friend Leslie at the time was going Two Hundred reps in a day and I was like “when will I ever get there?”.  He told me about a year ago that if I was to have the kind of chest he had, I was to to Four Hundred reps daily and that sounded weird to me because at that time, I had just managed to get up to Two Hundred daily.

I made a resolution to be consistent and I stumbled upon some things.

  1. Once you have done a thing, it is impossible for anybody to tell you otherwise.
  2. Growth is a natural law and you must grow at a thing you do continually – no matter what it is.

Today, I am glad to report that not only have I ‘up’ed my weights, but I am at Five Hundred reps. I should add that it takes me Fifty minutes to complete my bench presses for the day.

Now take this and apply to any endeavor you wish to be successful in. The Idea is to start and not stop. You will get better so long as you do not stop and before you know it, you really will be unstoppable.

Have a great weekend.

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