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2018 is stressful and I am not just saying that. Let me explain the previous statement. In the time which we find ourselves, life has become a lot more stressful than it used to be and that is due to the fast and furious lifestyle we have adopted. Sure many people perhaps even enjoy stress because it makes them feel busy but whatever the case, stress, when not handled properly will lead to all sorts of issues in the future.

The issues associated with stress range from physical all the way to emotional and psychological – that’s right, one second you think you are fine and the next you are dancing on top of a car… and crying.

While our daily lives suggest that stress has to be a part of it, we can actively prevent the stress from getting to us and that is why we have put together some of the simplest methods to combat stress.

1. Music

This may sound like a no-brainer to some and a scam to others. The truth is that music has to be one of the best ways to fight and win  the battle against stress. Experts say that music releases endorphins which are basically hormones that make us feel good. And since stress is mostly mental, the endorphin dosage is what you need to stay calm.

Music lovers are more likely to ride through the waves of pressure gracefully and they we are generally happy people. So try it out. Surround yourself with music and watch the stress fizzle away.

2. Food

Do not misunderstand please. I do not say you should get ice cream every time you feel stressed (it works but that is not what I am suggesting). I am saying that there are foods that are great stress relievers and these should be a part of our diet. Nuts, Eggs, Coconuts, and lentils are excellent in boosting moods and that is added to the tons of other things they do in your body.


Active workout already works by releasing the good ol’ endorphins into the body. Exercising regularly makes us feel better and as such, we tend to take things easier. The next time you feel stressed, go for a jog or a swim – you are guaranteed to feel better.

Exercise benefits the body and mind in ways one may not even be aware of. Internal body functions flow easier when you exercise, immune system is boosted and here is a cool fact, exercise curbs hunger…But boosts appetite. ¬†Weird isn’t it?


I have mentioned just three things here which could help you beat stress, so it’s time for you to look inward and see what has worked for you personally . Be specific. If it’s music for instance, there may be a type of music which you find usually works to soothe you. Some experts recommend old skool music, whatever that may be for you. The point is to mentally document stuff that has worked in the past, rinse and repeat. Feel free to leave any suggestions in the comments, on how to beat stress.

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