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Hello there. it’s another weekend and I am pleased to submit to you another dose of lovely articles from Today I want to talk about something called the placebo effect.

In medical science, a placebo is a pill which has no effect on the body but it is given to a patient telling them that it can cure them. In most cases, the illness goes away and this made medical researchers see that the mind in most cases, only needs an authoritative suggestion in order to heal illness and not the medicine itself. I guess that can explain some of the miracles we hear about when a Pastor prays and illnesses go away, it is mainly because the person receiving the prayer placed the pastor in some position of authority and believed in that pastor – but that’s beside the point.

If a simple belief can be as powerful as to end illness, then is it not possible that we can accomplish a lot more if we only cultivated a belief in our endeavours? I come to see that the men and women who asked us hundreds of years ago to ‘believe in ourselves’ knew exactly what they were talking about and the more you believe in yourself and your own abilities, the more of an authority you become to yourself and soon, you will not need an external authority to activate your belief system.

Think about this and act accordingly

Have a swell weekend.

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