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What is waste? Technically it is something we do not need and what do we do with waste? We throw them away. This article aims to show us that not everything we call waste is waste and there are things we would usually throw away meanwhile they can literally save us a lot of heartache and money if we were to put them to good use.

Poop is fertilizer but this is not the kind of article that would tell you to store your poop to end world hunger. The things this article is asking you to keep are things that are not disgusting or weird. Okay maybe some of them are a bit weird so…. Without further ado, let’s get into it.


When I say rice water, I mean the water that is discarded after rice has been parboiled. This liquid contains minerals that are awesome for hair and skin care. The science behind it is that the water from parboiled rice is infused with folic acid and the hair and skin love folic acid. It may surprise us to know that this remedy is used in Spas around the world and we pay good money for a spar treatment.

Parboiled rice water must not be used immediately. It can be stored in a refrigerator and used even days later. Use it to wash your hair, face or any other external part of the body that needs attention. Do this twice or thrice a week and you would be amazed at the results.

*There should be no salt in the parboiled water please. Salt and skin do not mix well.


Tom and Jerry taught us to spit out Watermelon seeds like a cannon and while that is fun, there is a lot that can be gained from eating watermelon with the seeds. Watermelon is great for digestion and that is because it contains a compound known as magnesium. Magnesium clears the stomach pathways and eases up everything in there and Watermelon seeds are like the store house for magnesium.

With watermelon seeds, you can take care of Indigestion, constipation, even freeing up the belly when you have overeaten. The fact that Watermelon seeds are being used for detoxification comes as no surprise when we realize the power they pack. Another great thing sis that they don’t even taste awful – they just need getting used to and before you know it, eating Watermelon seeds will come as naturally as…as whatever comes naturally to you.


I try to stay off eggs but egg shells on the other hand, i indulge…but why? Simple! CALCIUM. Here is my own story and it has to do with teeth. Cavities are something I used to have a challenge with until I realized that you can literally regrow and fill up holes int he teeth naturally.

Egg shells are packed with calcium and all you have to do is grind them into fine powder and heat them up in an oven or dry pan to kill off any bacteria that may have been there (reverse that, heat them up first, then grind). After that, store in a cool dry place and sprinkle on your food. The process isn’t automatic but if you stay away from tooth-killing foods, within six weeks of this therapy, you will find that the cavities are disappearing. now isn’t that a miracle?


Have you ever wondered why the minions have such white teeth? Well I haven’t but the thing is that they love bananas and Bananas are a great tooth whitening agent. Scrubbing the insides of banana peels on the teeth does wonders for teeth whitening and dare I say, it is quite cost effective.

To use, scrub the insides of the Banana peels against the teeth and leave the residue on for about 10 minutes. You can choose to rinse off or brush with a dry tooth brush before rinsing; they all work. yeah the feeling of banana residue on the teeth may be a little or a lot uncomfortable depending on the person involved but if you want whiter teeth, then it’s 10 minutes you can afford to sacrifice.


First off, they make a mean tea when combined with the awesomeness of garlic and ginger but really – Pineapple peels? We enjoy Pineapples, some of them are really nice and others are a bit sour but still, we love pineapples and we peel them and discard the peels – not anymore.

For those of us who enjoy Roselle juice Zobo, we find that some people use Pineapple peels as part of their recipe and this adds some natural sweetness to it. Apart from sweetness, extraxting the vitamin C from the back of Pineapples via boiling is a nice way to boost immune function. They also contain vitamin B, folate, thiamin, pantothenic acid, bromelain, niacin, and fiber.


There you have it folks, 5 things you probably have been throwing away without utilizing their full potential. The thing is this, waste is relative and what we call waste is simply something we think is of no use to us. Now we have found uses and automatically, these things have been upgraded from waste to companion.

Thanks for sticking around till the end of this article. I hope it makes a positive difference in your life.

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