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The grand meeting this week, between the Peoples Democratic Party and over thirty other political parties, reminds me of a story in the Bible. It’s the part where we are made to understand that if a demon is chased from a body, that demon will join forces with other demons and return to that body. The one major difference in this case is that the All Progressives Congress is also seen by some, as a demon possessing Nigeria’s body. The Alliance which the PDP has formed with these other parties is said to be united by a common disapproval of the Buhari administration. Incidentally, it was the same anything-is-better-than-what-we-have-at-the-moment, which led to the victory of the APC and the ouster of Goodluck Jonathan.


Former President Goodluck Jonathan may have lost to President Buhari, but it may now be time for Buhari to learn some lessons from Jonathan’s story.


Jonathan has been criticized for not doing enough to develop the South where he comes from. Those who feel disappointed with his seeming preferential treatment for the Northern part of the country understand that he may have done more for the South, on his way out of office – if he had been given a second term. That is what Nigerians expect of their leaders because sadly, tribal loyalties remain an elephant in every room where there’s a mix of cultures.


So what about President Buhari? How many Nigerians picture him having a second term? Does he picture himself having a second term? What, with all the political support he has lost, and the perceived general disapproval among the public? I’ve asked a lot of questions but please permit me to ask just one more: If he has looked at all the signs and there is no indication that he will be returning for a second term, then what should he do? What should Jonathan have done if Jonathan had known that his  time was up? Sorry, that’s two questions.


I may not know the answers but one thing I have noticed about people in Buhari’s age group is that they understand time better than the rest of us. There’s a certain patience the elderly have which seems to come from knowing what is likely to happen in the future. I am glad that the President is a detribalized leader, otherwise he would about now, be thinking about his legacy among members of his tribe – over his legacy to the entire nation. Speaking of his legacy, how much of that anti-corruption posturing can we see during election times?


As I write this, there is so much controversy in the news about  Ekiti State, as it prepares for the governorship election. I hope that Governor Fayose is feeling better. There have been pictures of him wearing a neck brace, just like Senator Dino Melaye and  Olisah Metuh. Our dear politicians must not be getting enough calcium, considering the number of neck injuries we have being seeing. As for the APC, it has to remind itself that any perception of meddling using the so called federal-might, would be bad for its anti-corruption image. Corruption goes way beyond money matters.


Every state like Ekiti, with an odd election timetable will always be a test case for the larger elections. So let’s see how it goes this weekend. Let’s see.


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