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David wasn’t feeling a lot like himself that day. His head still banged and as he got into the train, he couldn’t help but feel a bit unlucky. It didn’t happen often that he was called into work on a Saturday as this day would have it, he had to hold an emergency session. If he knew, he would have reduced the amount of alcohol he consumed the night before. Tonye and NK were safely tucked in their beds while David had to tame another person’s crazy. The life of a therapist was not so fun that particular morning.
I’m sorry is this seat taken?”
“No” David said without opening his eyes. He thought he would use his 30-minute train ride to rest his head some more before his session. He tried to keep his eyes shut and not get distracted by the feminine voice that just spoke to him.
“So you don’t mind if I sit?” The voice asked.
“No” replied David; his head letting him know that Alcohol should be regulated and that he shouldn’t try that nonsense another day.
“Do you have another one of those?” The voice enquired again and at this point, David was close to telling her that he didn’t want to talk but something in his head stopped him; perhaps it was the fact that he could only say few words at a time due to the pain.
He opened his eyes lightly and shut it back immediately. It was too bright but before his eyes closed, he caught a glimpse of the person who was asking all these questions and all he could say in his mind was ‘wow’.
David was a man in his early thirties who took his health and fitness very serious. He was no stranger to admiration from the opposite gender but even at that, this lady was the way out of his league he thought. He had been in his own head for why felt like an hour before realizing he hadn’t answered her last question.
“Yeah sure” he said. He fumbled for his bag and within seconds, he was handing out a piece of date to the pretty lady in front of him. His eyes being closed the whole time.
“I love dabinu” she said “and thank you”
“It’s nothing” replied David. “They are good for hangovers”
“Oh that’s why your eyes are closed” she said
David responded with a smile. But remained silent.
“They are also great for sexual performance” she said and David could have sworn he heard some mischief in her voice. He couldn’t just ignore that statement and he found himself braving through the task of opening his eyes.
“I’m Emem” she said as soon as his eyes caught hers. “And I think you are really cute”
David didn’t know how to respond. “Thanks” he said. He couldn’t hide the fact that this took him off guard.
“Are you blushing” she asked as though to intentionally intensify the situation.
“You are very forward” David said. “I didn’t know ladies were this forward in Abuja”. He was trying to take charge of the conversation.
” No they’re not” she countered. “It’s just me”
“I’m David” he said, trying to hide his blushing. “And I’m married…sorry”
“Aww” she said through pouted lips.
“Yeah” said David, closing his eyes back. A few seconds later, he was alerted by what seemed to be a hand on his laps. He opened his eyes quickly to catch he stare.
“Hi” she said “I don’t mind that you are married”
“What?” David said almost shouting.
“I still think you are cute and I want to have lunch or dinner with you sometime”
David didn’t feel comfortable that he was actually enjoying being hit on. He didn’t know how to respond as he hadn’t been in this situation since he got married.
“I think you’d be fun to do crazy stuff with” she said
“I don’t know about that” David said.
“Here’s my stop” she said as she stood up “and here’s my number”. She handed him a complimentary card, “please call me”
David was still having a hard time figuring out what just happened. How could she be that forward and that bold? It was sexy and as he decided that he was going to call but as he held up the card, it was blank.
What the frack? He looked around to validate what was happening. She gave me a blank card? There was a man seated to his left and he asked him if he saw the lady who just left the train. “There was no one here bro and you’ve been asleep the whole time” the stranger said.
“I’ve been asleep the whole time?” It felt so real and David could not explain it. It must have been a dream because his head was feeling a lot better. He looked into his bag and his dates were complete meaning he hadn’t handed out any to any pretty lady. Damn! The only thing he was grateful for was that he wasn’t in a dilemma as to weather to go on a date with another woman or not.
The train admitted new passengers as some of the previous ones went off and David knew that in about 10 minutes, he would be at work. He was about to get his notes from his bag when a passenger came by. She was not the lady in his ‘so called’ dream but she was insanely beautiful as well. “Excuse me is this seat taken?” She asked.
“No it’s not” Replied David. “Don’t tell me your name is Emem” he said feeling silly but the reaction he got from her is not what he expected.
“Whoa!” She said “it is either you are incredibly good with guesses, or we have met before”

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