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Hello There, if you haven’t known this before now, my name is Daniel. Well now you know. Recently I started asking myself a question and the question goes like this…What makes a person smart? I won’t bore you with the thought processes which my mind had to go through in order to answer that question but the bottom line is this… The smartest people are not the ones with all the answers, let’s face it; no one has all the answers. The smartest people I realized are the ones who asked a lot of questions.

When children come into this world, they observe for years before they are allowed to talk and when they start talking, it is getting them to shut up that becomes the task. They ask a lot of questions and that is how they validate the data they have been observing for years…and that is how they get smarter.

The future belongs to people who ask questions and I see that it matters not if the answer is given immediately. I find myself irritated by any person or organization which discourages questions because that encourages ignorance and outright stupidity.

So to conclude, ask questions…ask the difficult questions. Where did we come from? Why are we prone to certain things? Why aren’t the makers of Televisions wasting their lives sitting in front if their inventions? Why does salary end on the 15th day irrespective of how much you earn?

Ask questions now and thank me later.

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