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If I were Joey from the TV series, I would say “Fruits? Good! Pregnancy? Good!” if these two things are good, then combining them should have no adverse effects right? Wrong!

We know fruits are good for everything from weight loss, to weight gain, to curing cancer, to curing diabetes. Heck pregnant women are asked to increase their fruit intake so what do we mean when we say there are fruits a pregnant woman is supposed to avoid? Sure you want to know?

  1. PAPAYA – Or like we say in Nigeria, Pawpaw. This is a lovely fruit which is good for boosting immune system, skin ailments and of course papayas taste great. So why do we ask expecting ladies to stay off them? Well, Unripe Pawpaw causes premature uterine contractions and that is bad news for a pregnant lady. Also papayas have been used by Indian and Pakistani women as an abortifacient but this only works if you eat a lot of it. NOTE: Ripe papayas are great for pregnant women but when we say ripe, we mean really ripe.


  1. PINEAPPLES – Again another wonderful fruit but the truth is that they are rich in Bromelain which causes a softening of the cervix leading to early labour – Youch! This being said, pineapples can be used to induce labour in cases where labour has been delayed and the pregnant woman is not open to the idea of traditional medicine.


  1. GRAPES – There are two reasons why pregnant women are asked to stay away from grapes. The first is the fact that grapes have to be sprayed with an unholy amount of pesticides in order to keep from being eaten by pests and some doctors warn that these pesticides may be injurious to pregnant mothers’ health. A second reason is the fact that grapes contain high amounts of resveratrol which again is harmful to an expecting mother. Experts say that even if pregnant women are to have some grapes, it should be before the third trimester.


On another note, there are lots of fruits that are particularly good for pregnant women and they include

  • Guava
  • Mango
  • Pear


This article is not meant to scare anybody but rather to educate and make us better informed. Fruits still remain a great way to keep our bodies healthy irrespective of which other diet we may be on and with fruits, it is usually “the more, the better”. Pregnant women’s bodies go through a lot of changes and that is why they are asked to be more careful as to what they ingest. If you know any more fruits which can be harmful to pregnant women, then please let us know in the comment section.

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