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A certain man was driving by when he saw an old lady whose car was broken down. He stopped to assist her even though he was in a hurry to meet his wife for a doctor’s appointment. He didn’t know much about cars but he knew enough to assist the lady. He called his wife and told her he wouldn’t be able to meet up and so she saw the doctor by herself and headed back to work.

“Thank you so much dear” the old lady said to her helper as she got back into her car to drive off. “I don’t have much cash but I’ll write you a cheque for your troubles”
“Oh no Madam I couldn’t take that” the man said. “I was helping you with no strings attached so I can’t take your money.”The old lady could see the man was not going to take the money so she said a little prayer for him. ” May your goodness find you and repay you when you need it the most”
Just as she was about to drive off, she asked for his name. “My name is David Ekanem” he replied “one last thing madam, please pass on this good deed to another” and with a smile she said “well thank you again David”.

The woman couldn’t stop thinking about how kind the stranger was to him and as she drove back to her destination, she decided to enter a restaurant for lunch. She was met by a young waitress who, from what she could tell, was just recently married…and pregnant.

” Good afternoon madam” the young lady said as she approached her customer. “How would you like me to serve you today?”

The old Lady placed her order and was impressed by the way the young lady did her job. “Thank you so much” the old lady said. “Your meal was lovely and so was the service”

“That’s because you are also a lovely customer” the young lady said “thank you for coming to see us today.”

The old lady was moved and since she had been turned down once, she increased the amount on the chequ, folded it and put it in the waiter’s apron as she came for the bill. “Here’s your money for the food and a cheque for your troubles” she said. “I have four children and so I know it can’t be easy being pregnant and waitressing” the old lady continued.

“The young lady was blown away at the old lady’s kindness and couldn’t wait to share the news; with her husband especially.

” Don’t open the cheque till I am out that door” the old lady said with a smile and with that she left.
The rest of the day was busy for the waitress so she forgot to look at the cheque. On closing from work, she emptied her apron pockets as was a habit for her and she saw the old lady’s cheque…and a note. “Please pass on this good deed to another”.

Tears rolled down the waitress’s eyes when she saw the six-figure amount written on it. She knew the money was going to solve a worry her husband had. He was worried about the medical bill for the baby which was coming and as at this point, they weren’t buoyant enough to afford it. He would have preferred she didn’t have to work to support them and it saddened him even though he would put up a tough face at times.

She decided that her own good deed would be to give the cheque to her husband as soon as she saw him. She got to her house and when she entered into the bedroom, he was already asleep so she got ready for bed and decided she would deliver the great news in the morning.

As she laid down beside her sleeping husband, she whispered in his ear. ” I love you David Ekanem…everything is going to be alright”.

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