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For a while now, sipping on your coffee while at work has been seen as a nice way to keep the brain going. In companies,coffee is a regular in offices but recently, some companies in some countries have started serving beer to their employees during work hours too (It,s weird but true). Beer is said to reduce inhibitions and spark up that creative side of the brain (of course a certain quantity). So how do beer and coffee affect your brain and which should you drink in a given situation? This infographic below by Ryoko Iwata breaks it down to dummy level.

Essentially, while beer can help loosen up your inhibitions and make you more creative, it most times shortens your memory and decreases your focus. Coffee on the flip side provides your body with energy and your brain with focus. The difference between beer and coffee is the difference between creativity and productivity.

So, according to experts, there can be a balance. When looking for a creative spark, gulp some beer. This could help you get the ideas you need and you can write them down or brainstorm. When it is time to implement ideas however, coffee becomes the better option especially if the task at hand requires focus and physical energy.


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