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September is here already and before you know it we will be celebrating a new year. Here are ten predictions of things that we expect will happen before 2018 is over.

PDP Collision course

With the lineup of Peoples Democratic Party presidential contenders looking something like the Royal Rumble, it is safe to say there will be a messy crisis and a quarrel or two as the party approaches its primary elections? Sure, there will be the negotiations and gentleman agreements to step aside but there are far too many powerful men trying to get the ticket. We expect to hear Governor Nyesom Wike’s name to come up as one of the influencers of what happens at the primaries, because of his growing stature within the party. We can’t tell what will happen to Atiku’s ambition to be the PDP’s flag-bearer but we certainly expect to hear a lot about him in the news.

Chaos at the National Assembly

The last time the National Assembly attempted to reconvene, there was expectedly a showdown at its premises. The incident of August 7 involved masked men from the Department of State Services and led to the removal of the then DSS boss, Lawal Daura. However, that particular controversy was tame compared to what would have happened if the DSS had not unlawfully taken matters into their hands. Since the time of the Awolowos and all the other politicians who made up the first republic, Nigeria has had a history of fracas at houses of assembly whenever the word, ‘Impeach’ is mentioned. There has always been some kind of brawl, fence climbing, mace wielding at the state and national houses. With the tension between the APC and the PDP with Bukola Saraki at its center, we expect some kind of melee.

Linda Ikeji to Break the Internet Again

Linda Ikeji has a baby on the way and we just pity anyone who will try to promote anything online in the days following the child’s birth. Ikeji has been forthcoming about some of the details about her pregnancy, including the sex of her child. So we expect that there will be photos of mother and child as opposed to the secrecy around the identity of the father. Who knows if she’ll go ahead and break the internet some more by revealing who the mystery man is.

More Violence in the Country

We wish this one was not possible but there has been a sad trend which can’t be ignored. Though the Federal Government has appeared to sit up on security matters, we expect that some of what is captured in the media may not accurately represent the situations on ground.

Of Abducted School Girls

There have been months where the nation seemed to forget about her, but we get the feeling that we are going to hear more about Leah Sharibu before the year’s end. The Boko Haram sect has its own media campaign which is pushed from time to time. We are actually hoping that there would be some kind of interaction between the Government and the sect, leading to Leah’s freedom. That would be quite the Christmas present.

Dino Melaye

Dino Melaye has been in the news all year until the last few months. We’ve had a season break from his well documented adventures, but with his penchant for making the news and the looming crises between the APC and the PDP, we get the feeling he’ll make the news again before the end of the year.

Removal of Seiyefa

Matthew Seiyefa’s emergence as the acting Director General of the DSS was unexpected and some commentators believe that it is also inconvenient for the Federal Government. The President seems very particular about who runs security and this must be an important consideration as the country approaches the general elections.  One might suggest that the recent reports of disagreements over Seiyefa’s deployments of personnel might be precursors to his removal.

Prophecies from Clergymen

It won’t be an election season without predictions from clergymen. Many of pastors have found ways to explain why some of their predictions have not come true so that should clear the way for more predictions about who will become President and so on.

Flooding in Some Communities

The Nigeria Hydrological Service Agency has warned that there could be flooding in some states in the North and some southern coastal cities this year. With the daily rise in the water levels of Rivers Niger and Benue, some states will need to brace up for flooding. Some of the flood prone states are; Kebbi, Niger, Kwara, Kogi, Edo, Anambra, Taraba and Benue.

Shift of Election timetable

The current boss of the Independent National Electoral Commission. Mahmood Yakubu has all eyes on him or at least he soon will. The commission under him has appeared to be strict on certain issues, including a decision to stop registration of voters. He has also declared that there will be no shift in the election timetable. Haha, we would rather look at what history has shown us and conclude that just like the last two general elections, there will eventually be some adjustments to the timetable. Let’s not forget that there are several unresolved issues around electioneering such as potential amendments to the Electoral Act and the budget for the election. Did we forget to mention that there is still a standoff regarding the sitting of the National Assembly?


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