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We aren’t going to suggest that you ask your girl to cook for you, do your laundry or anything like that. There are other ways to work out if she is Miss Right and they are all based on common sense. Check out five ways to know if that girl you’re with is ‘The One’ and if there’s a bright future for the two of you.

The Endorsement Test

If she is no good for you, even your close friends will be afraid to tell you so. Don’t wait for them to tell you that they don’t approve, and don’t ask them. Just ask yourself how many people have volunteered to say that you guys are great together. You’ve been with that babe for over a year and nobody has suggested that you two get married? Nobody has even made a joke about it? That’s not a good sign. People around you usually can’t keep it to themselves when you are around someone whom their instincts say will be a good match for you. And they usually won’t endorse her it if it is clearly a horrible idea.

The Love Her Family Test

You adore her but you can’t stand her family members. Her sisters irritate you and her brother is so disgusting. That relationship has no future, brother. Forget about it because it’s true that when you marry someone in Nigeria, you marry their family. You cannot keep her family out of the picture even if you tried, so better to find someone whose family you’re comfortable with.

The No Sex Test

Many relationships can’t last one week without sex. A great way to know if you’re compatible with a babe is to abstain from sex. You may find that the sex is the only thing keeping the two of you attached. And sex is a hell of a thing to base a relationship on. It is not a strong enough foundation for anything with a potential for marriage since married people tend to go through periods when they aren’t having sex. Without sex, the two of you should be able to think clearly and see your true level of compatibility.

Traffic test

The two of you have had a date and it’s time to drop her off. Would you rather put her in a drop or call an Uber than drive her home – every time? That’s not a good sign. First of all, ladies like to be dropped off instead of being ‘put in a cab’. If you don’t care enough to please her in this regard then  you don’t really care about her. If you really want to know if she’s ‘The One’, put her through the Traffic Test. When you hang out with your buddies, you don’t mind riding home with them or dropping them off on your own way home. But if you can’t enjoy a ride in the traffic with a love interest then maybe her company isn’t that great to you. Next!

The Financial Audit

A lot of guys are wary of dating what in Nigeria is known as a ‘runs girl’. We are not sure how you define the term, ‘runs-girl’, but one great tip is to take a look at her lifestyle. Do her possessions match her income or her parents’ income? How about her friends; does she have more than two friends of questionable character? We doubt that you will fall for a jezebel in the first place if you at least apply the No-Sex Test.

So you see, you don’t have to resort to asking your female bestie to assess the girl you’re dating. You don’t even need to ask your sister if she approves. Just try out the tests above and you should be clear on whether you are on the wrong street or not.



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