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“Everybody fails the first time.”

If you have ever had any kind of vision then then above statement is something you can relate with. Today I want to  talk about the need to insist on what you want.

One of the steps of getting your vision to become physical reality is to share that vision with another person. An example is that you have a wonderful design for your dream home; you have to let the architect know what that vision is and inmost cases, you (the vision holder) have little to no idea about the intricacies of building a house so the architect will tell you what is obtainable and most times, it doesn’t match your imagination and they’ll try to tell you why your way won’t work…after all, you ain’t no architect.

You need to insist on your vision because if you do not, you will settle for a life of settling and that is no way to live. Here is a scientific fact:

Whatever you can hold in your imagination is possible

…and it is your insisting that will make it so.

When David Oyedepo had a vision of a building that could seat 50,000 people without being supported by pillars, the architects told him it couldn’t be done and even after insisting, the building kept caving in when the concept was tried. Finally, an architect thought on the same level as David and got it done…I think the architect won some award for that and now we have the Faith Tabernacle which is an architectural marvel.

If you have ever had any kind of vision, insisting is the way to get it to reality.

Happy Weekend

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