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For one person, it could be that they want to improve their job prospects, another person could say they want to know how a Computer works. Reasons vary when we are asked why we want to learn computer programming but dare I say those reasons do not hold the maximum potential and benefit of programming.
Computer programming is the next phase of human brain development and if programmers are paid tons of money, it is for a good reason. You don’t have to do programming as a career, you don’t even have to finish the curriculum; there are things that start happening to you and your mind when you begin to program. Let’s check out five reasons you want to learn computer programming.

As you begin to program, you will quickly realize that you need to see things through in life, you need to plan strategically and that great things seldom come easy. These lessons make you better in life and in what ever field you are in. A programmer is no stranger to sleepless nights, trials and error etc and these learned lessons in consistency and analytical reasoning is what sets the difference between problems and solutions.

Have you ever noticed that some people are more creative than others? That’s a dumb question right? Of course some people are more creative than others but here is a shocker. YOU CAN TEACH YOUR MIND TO BE CREATIVE and that is one of the high points of programming. Thinking outside the box and coming up with concepts is something we think people are born with but if you can give your time and attention to learn programming, you find that your brain sparks as never before and ideas seem to start dropping easier than they did when you didn’t program.

Many of us fail especially in Nigeria because we want to do it all, we want to be like the Galaxy S7 with our ability to take HD pictures and videos, while accessing high speed internet and go live on youtube, Facebook, and Instagram all at the same time. The thing is, unlike a phone, we can’t be recalled to the factory when we start exploding. By the way I love Galaxy phones and Tabs but back to my article. Programming will make you see that you need to ask for help at some point along the way and that it is a normal and even necessary step to success.

This is absolutely true because to be a programmer means that you will have to get used to trials and errors. Abandoning your program is not an option because it is all you can think about and if it doesn’t work, you won’t be able to rest. Consistency is key to any note worthy endeavour and developing consistency carries the lesson that we learn more from failures and errors than we do from success.

Well to be honest, I would say it makes us deal with things better. A parent who understands programming will be more tolerant of his children when they make mistakes. A CEO who knows the concepts of programming can better manage his staff by delegation and harnessing their strengths. A politician who knows how to program will be a master at campaigns and strategy. A scientist who understands code will revolutionize the world.

I have personally come to see that one thing which holds humans back is the fear of failure. Programming knowledge reduces and then eliminates that fear so doing the math, just by learning programming, we build up ourselves to be unstoppable forces in our fields and who knows, perhaps we can even solve world problems like starvation, poverty and global warming while we are at it.

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