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Hello there.

Today’s edition of is bringing you the most sought after posts we’ve had in the past three months. We thought to bring this to you a bit early seeing as we have got the Independence edition scheduled for next week. That’s something we are looking forward to ourselves so keep a date with us as usual.

The past three months have been awesome for us. We had my birthday at some point and I got to start learning french  and mandarin (all very exciting stuff). I also got to sit and re-read many articles on this blog and I cannot believe how much new things I picked up (even from articles I wrote). I strongly recommended you go back too and look at posts from the past.

Without taking a chunk off your time, I invite you join our mailing list (if you haven’t already) as we keep you updated with lessons and other informative posts which have proven to be of great help to our readers.

As earlier mentioned, the posts published this week are posts which have done very well in terms of readership within the past three months so do enjoy. It’s a bit creepy the way time flies and the next “Quarter Special” we have will be the “End of Year Special”. Whoa! But that’s me rambling again.

Have a lovely weekend.

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