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I just started following iZombie and after seeing that zombies can’t taste much unless the food is quite peppery, I began to wonder if Nigerians are part zombie. The way we eat peppers in this country is kinda scary I must tell you but that is not really what I am talking about here. The thing is we eat a lot of weird stuff and even though I have eaten three out of the five things mentioned here, once in a while, I wonder how my American self would look at me. Let’s check out five weird things eaten in various parts of Nigeria.


My Yoruba folks do not think there is anything “off” about eating Yam peels but that is where the weirdness lies. YAM PEELS! Sure the peels are washed, sunned, and grinded into powder. Sure the powder is mixed in hot water to become solid (like eba, and pounded yam) but come on! I can’t get past the yam peels part. I have had Amala on some occasions and I really was not a big fan and here’s why: it was just too soft but then I realized that is how the Yorubas like it.

Yam peels are incredibly healthy though, they ease the stomach lining and aid digestion but that is not all. Goats eat yam peels and studies show that it makes them have an easier time during child birth… I am not implying anything.


Well, cow brains to be precise. In some parts of Nigeria, cow brains are used to make delicious stews – of course I am yet to confirm the “delicious” part of that sentence but I imagine if you make a mean stew, then cow brains in it should not ruin the taste.


However, this brain thing does spark up the zombie idea again. Why brains? I have had goat brains in isi-ewu (goat head) pepper soups but it is not like I went to the market and ordered for a Kilo of brains.

Winged Termites

Where do I even begin on this one? Those who eat these tell me they are a lovely snack (wow) and I wonder if “Pure Bliss” has finished in the store (I love Pure Bliss so much). Winged termites are usually fried and eaten but you didn’t ask how they are caught.

To catch winged termites, a bowl of water is kept under a light source (like a florescent bulb) and since these insects are attracted to these lights, a number of them fall into the water and can’t get out. I haven’t tried them but I hear they are nice so if you have, tell me about it.

Edible worms

This is popular among the Ijaw and Ibibio people. These worms are delicious and you can quote me. They are also called Ijaw suya and that is because they are pinned “kebab style” on sticks and roasted but what really are they?
When a palm tree has been tapped of its wine, it is allowed to rot and when the tree rots, these worms surface; the scientific term is “spontaneous generation” and that means we do not know cor sure how they come to be…AND WE DO NOT CARE!

Grasscutter faeces

These are used for food flavoring and I hear they make meals taste great. Before you from at the term faeces, honey is bee faeces so it may not be so terrible after all. Some Nigerian tribes use these droppings to make soups and – according to reports – they are quite nutritious.


There are lots of nice meals in Nigeria and the food culture is rich. That being said, some of the things we eat? Well, let’s just say that in order to have a rich culture you must be willing to go the extra mile.

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