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Meet Dele Ogun, the author of the new book, A Fatherless People: The Secret Story of How The Nigerians Missed The Road to The Promised Land. The fourth book by the London based lawyer seeks to make sense of the events of ‘this country of many paradoxes’. Here, Dele Ogun points out six things that you may not know about Nigeria. His book is currently available on Amazon, Jumia and other outlets.

One name that was considered for the country was, ‘Western Sudan’.

Oil was first discovered in what was Southern Nigeria in 1908.

The Egbas were an independent Kingdom from Nigeria at the time of the 1914 amalgamation.

Obafemi Awolowo recovered from bankruptcy to become Premier of the Western Region.

Nnamdi Azikiwe attempted suicide in America before becoming Nigeria’s first President.

Nigeria is made up of 371 ethnic groups.

Dele Ogun is a commercial law partner at Akin Palmer, in London, and OGUN The Law Firm, in Nigeria. His other books are: The Law and The Lawless (an autobiography), Identity and Development,  Lessons from Nigeria, and Ostrich Nation.

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