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A little under 5 years ago, a close relative of mine experienced a major life-threatening sickness. Through multiple lifestyle adjustments, and numerous hospital visits, my relative miraculously stayed alive. This was my first wakeup call to quashing a sedentary lifestyle.


About the same time the true story above unfolded, somewhat coincidentally, along came the Global Corporate Challenge. It totally opened my mind to the possibility of 10k steps a day. In fact, step counting became a religion for me. I became happier and healthier than ever within six months of consistent participation. The ceaseless streaming stories from participants across the globe was a constant source of inspiration…. until I misplaced my step counter…the two of them. Silly excuse I know…


Several months and years passed, and nothing brought back memories of step counting until 2016. Suddenly, one and then two friends, former colleagues passed on. Both deaths were reportedly due to health challenges. Ironically one of them was presumably fit as a fiddle. This was how I started my journey all over, committing fully to 10k steps daily, and adopting other healthy lifestyle recommendations


Here we are in 2018, which has been a very exciting year especially with the fitness challenge in OES. The adrenaline that surges from competing and compensation has fueled individuals to adopt the 10k steps challenge. For me, there are a few things that make this achievable. I simply think MAD


  • Motivation – I’ve come to realize that people silently watch our actions to draw strength and this applies even beyond the reins of exercising. Whenever I feel tired or lose steam, I think of the scores of others who need me to remain upbeat, so they don’t stop firing. That keeps me going and remains my biggest motivation – Seeing others stay motivated because I choose to keep going


  • Appreciation – I love when people comment and commend me on successfully deflating my hitherto bulging tummy. The joy that emanates from this kind of remarks ensure that I don’t let go of the fitness goal. I visit the doctor ever so often and you need to see my face light up like a million stars when he utters those magic words; “Please maintain your bad habits…whatever you’re doing – don’t stop”


  • Determination – I sometimes end my day with purposeless pacing in my sitting room, just to ensure I land at 10k daily. A healthy lifestyle for me is not a destination, it’s a journey. I’m still some yards shy of being classed ‘normal’ by BMI charts, so that puts me on my toes every single day


10k steps a day is indeed achievable, no matter how tight your schedule is. A few things motivate people more than the fear of dying…however we don’t have to get to that point to make a concrete commitment to adjust our lifestyle.


Achieving a longer livelier life here, is more rewarding than any short-lived gratification from bad habits can offer. Think 10k!


David Dokun is an experienced writer, life coach and management consultant who has had many years of experience within Nigeria’s private sector. He is a certified competent communicator and a Personal Development enthusiast. Also an exquisite facilitator and trainer, he enjoys counseling youths and co-hosting various annual leadership conferences in Nigeria.


David is a John Maxwell Team Member. He is the current President, Garden City Toastmasters International.

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