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Now that you are on your own; is it what you wished for?

Eria sat in her living room thinking about the question her mom asked her on her emancipation day one year ago. Jaqueline was a mother who had raised many children irrespective of whether or not she gave birth to them and Eria was one of her children. She found Eria a long time ago and decided to grow her into something awesome. It was going well until…

“Actually I don’t remember where it went wrong but I was excelling” Eria said out loud before she realized she had opened her mouth. She was alone with no one to talk to and on this day, her emancipation day, Eria would usually hear bells and whistles, celebrations of all sorts because it was a big deal to break away from Jaqueline. Not because she was horrible, far from it; but because Jaqueline was so powerful and influential that it was almost impossible to live any life away from her shadow. She owned pretty much everything so when Eria went to her about 58 years ago saying she wanted to make a name for herself, her mother, Jaqueline was shocked. Nonetheless she agreed.

Eria had gotten involved with some corrupt men and even though she tried to hide it at first, it soon became clear that she had been tainted. She used to be loved but her friend and supporters list had reduced greatly in the past couple of years. Nothing seemed to be able to take her back to her previous glory.

She picked up her gown from the floor which was in her favourite colour Green. Her mom had told her that she would be fruitful and yes she was, but her children had turned against her. She wondered and played it over in her head where it all went wrong.

“Is it the so called ‘men of god’ who deceived my children into believing they could reap without sowing? Hence turning them lazy?” yes the question burned deep into Eria’s mind. Her children turned to thieves so they could meet up the demands of these ‘men of god’. They had become hateful showoffs and they didn’t even see that they were being fooled.

Eria tried to see some good things she had accomplished ever since she decided to be free of Jaqueline and she was even more saddened when she realized that every sector of her being had deteriorated in the past 20 years and was still declining.

Once, Eria’s children were doing well, there was electricity and clean water in their houses, they could travel and explore the world, they had natural resources they could use for international trade but year after year after a certain point, everything started dropping faster than anyone could keep track and as of this moment, when she was staring at her green gown, some of her children who settled in the south didn’t even have clean air to breathe…they were calling it BLACK SOOT. How did it get so bad? Eria thought.

As hard as she tried, she couldn’t come up with a solution all by herself. She needed her children to help her out but not many of them cared anymore, they were either too busy running around with corrupt politicians or wasting away in places of worship with no results. Her children were selfish and they would often say, “Should I be in power, I too will steal and defraud my mother”.

The situation was truly hopeless and Eria knew this. What she didn’t know however, was how to fix it. Could it be that there was really no way to salvage the situation? Should I just give up?

She stood up and looked through some photo frames and she admired herself as she scanned. Her dark skin glowed in the pictures and she could see Jaqueline in some of them smiling at her. At 58 years of freedom it was hard for Eria to admit that she had failed but she chose to have hope.

She couldn’t shake the question from her mind though.

“Now that you are on your own; is it what you wished for?”


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