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So you think you know Google? To many, Google is this place you go to search for stuff online. To others, it is more than a search engine. You can do metric conversions, language translations and more. To a student of mine, Google is an e-commerce site (I try not to engage her thought process)… Google is not an e-commerce site.

Google is a company in the Information and Technology industry and like other companies, they have a series of products- the search engine being one of them. Google also owns YouTube, Gmail and the Android Operating system but these are products we already know and use. This article is about those Google products which we do not know – let alone use. By the end of this little write-up, you are going to be like “WHAT!!!???” and of course your jaw will be hanging down from your mouth to perhaps your chest… so let’s get into it.


Google pixel is a state of the art smartphone from Google. Google released the first Pixel phone in 2016 and as at the time of this write-up, Pixel 3 XL is in the market. A few features of this device include

  • Android 9 – Pie OS
  • AI controlled brightness
  • Gesture-based navigation system
  • Wireless charging

The Pixel phone can be bought from the Google Store (hey I guess they have e-commerce after all), or BestBuy.


That’s right. Google has a device that lets you talk to it and with the help of Google voice Assistance, it responds with relevant answers. It’s kinda like SIRI.

To use it, you say “Hey Google” followed by your question. An example would be to say “Hey Google! How do you say good morning in Mandarin?” and the response would be “Xao Shang Hao”. Impressive right?


To say it simply, WEAR OS is a watch made by Google- a smart watch made by Google and this watch helps you stay connected to your contacts, music and fitness. It’s real and not some movie higi-haga.

The WEAR OS is awesome because it uses apps to deliver all its functions. These apps are designed and optimized for the watch so usage is as simple as it can be.

The watch comes in chain or leather strap and one of the coolest things you can do is to customize the look of the watch either by downloading a ‘watch face’ of your choice or by moving widgets around to display what is most relevant to you – be it messages, your heart rate, weather or stock market prices. look at the demo HERE


Google has about 250 products so we have not even scratched the surface. This company  has proven to be a one-stop shop for Innovative technology and it doesn’t look like they intend to stop soon. Many of their products are unavailable in come countries like Nigeria and that is why we may not have heard of them (Note* Not available means you cannot purchase them from a Nigerian Google Partner yet but should you get to a country where you can buy it, by all means get it as it would still work in your country)

To get a full list of products, follow this link. Google Products


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