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Stress affects different people in different ways and as I just learned from a friend of mine, it could end a person’s life with everyone around them still being non-the-wiser. My friend didn’t die… but it was a close call.

We cannot over emphasize the need for every one of us to master life and manage stress because as I just said, it shows up differently every time and is easy to miss.

Stress does not have to come from physical strain such as carrying a bunch of cement blocks and it must not always be due to worrying – In a lot of cases, the mere fact that you have a birthday party to plan for can put stress on you because of the immense planning and ‘living in the future’ such events entail. Another example (as my friend also pointed out) is living the life of a CEO. As a company owner – no matter how small your firm is, you have a lot of things on your mind because you have to make things work and this is also stress though we may not be complaining.


Irrespective of the kind of lives we live, we are ultimately responsible for the way we react and that could be the difference between a stressed out person and a calm one. On a scientific level, deep breathing eases our bodies and reverse the adverse effects of a stressful lifestyle (which many of us cannot avoid for now) so it is important to take a series of deep breaths throughout the day.


Grate a little bit of ginger into an empty teacup and pour in hot water. Let it sit for about 3-5 minutes and then drink it up. Repeat this morning and evening to detoxify your body and mind (and of course help balance the body as it concerns stress). With Ginger though, you want to consult your doctor just to be sure.

That being said, we sure do hope you enjoy this week’s series of entertaining and informative posts. Have a lovely week ahead.

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