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Today I have good news and what I mean is that we are going to learn how to make some extra money. The holiday season is approaching and let’s face it, f the millions are not yet in the bank account, we may need to prolong our expectations (if you know what I mean).

That being said, we are going to be looking at a couple of business ideas that can get us some extra money without breaking the bank. The skills we’ll discuss need minimum capital and not so much learning time and dare  I say; I think it will be worth the read.


Can I be honest? What makes a person able to charge a lot of money for a service is largely how good they are and the time and energy they spent learning the skill. You notice I didn’t add ‘capital’ to the list of things needed right?

So baking. How do you get started? Surely you have one friend who bakes and is kind enough to show you how – for next to free. If you don’t have one, then it may be time to get some new friends (or go on youtube). With just a few ingredients and a lot of ginger (not the vegetable but the enthusiasm) you can whip up a cake in no time. You don’t have an oven? A kerosene stove can do the job.

A million weddings happen every Saturday in this country and that is a market which is looking for bakers every minute. If you start with just baking, you can collaborate with a decorator and get a god deal going.


You may think that you need to be some tech genius in order to make money as a social media influencer. WRONG! All you really need is a lot of followers. I have just about 400 friends on Facebook (I like to keep a small circle) but we know that is waaaaaay less than average. On average, we have 3000+ friends and those are people who brands are looking to sell to.

Since you have a long list of followers who would like your pictures, chances are, should you post about a brand, they probably would listen.

So you get started by reaching out to these brands on their social media handles telling them you can share their news and get paid as little as N10 for every follower you have or you can charge based on engagement (e.g N100 for every person who reacts to the post on your timeline) and that is on a ‘per post’ basis. Of course negotiations are in order but the point is, you would post on social media anyway so why not paid doing it?


Here again we have to touch the wedding factor. Very rarely do I see a wedding in Nigeria fo by without an Asoebi crew. These people need tailors desperately and if you possess that skill, there is a lot of profit to be made. Combine that with the Nigerian love for late planning and you could even profit more.

Sewing makes this list because the skill can be acquired with very little money. There are skill acquisition programs at every nook and cranny of this country and if you listen, you would probably hear of one near you.

The concept of cutting and making clothes is something easy to grasp if you got the interest so I say if the interest is there, go for it.


First off, the main purpose of a fitness trainer is to motivate another person or a group of people to exercise. Knowing the ‘secrets’ of a fit and healthy lifestyle is a plus but let’s keep the main purpose in mind.

It would be very rare to find a person who doesn’t know of the benefits of a healthy exercise program. However, we  have them in hoard who need the motivation to get up and go for that run and you could be that motivation (for some cool cash – don’t get greedy though).

People in their late 30s and above are the surest clients because at that age, there is more need to imbibe a healthy lifestyle; combine that with a previous habit of laziness (when it comes to exercising) and you could see why it would be difficult to get started without some extra motivation.

Go to the stadium in almost every city and you’ll find people who are willing to give this work-ot thing a try. Talk to them and pitch the idea of being a workout partner or trainer. Believe me, you would be the answer to a lot of prayers.


Last but not least we have another one that could also be tied to weddings but of course that must not be exclusive. Men and women tend to their hair at least once in every two weeks (with the exception of people like me who let their locks get old – I know L). Make up is a booming industry and if you do not believe me, ask Tara.

With the increasing amount of people who need grooming; be it for an event or otherwise, comes the increasing need for people who can deliver the service of grooming (makes sense right?). So it follows that if you had this skill, you would find clients easily and with your fair pricing (you want to have fair pricing), you would soon attract a good clientele.

When I speak of hair, everything is included from barbing, to weave-ons and wigs and locks. The great thing about this is that if you do it right, you will be retained because it is a service which needs to be maintained regularly


These skills mentioned here are not gender based and that is one of the reasons why they are so ‘hot’. Anybody could do them and get some more alerts from their bank (which is great news if you ask me).

Whichever of these skills we may intend to learn, it is important to note that the jobs you get well – actually, doing it exceptionally well is more like it as that will boost your referrals and we know referrals are the surest way to grow a business. So let’s go out there and get things done.

Happy Earning.

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