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Money is a much needed commodity in the world and I may have even heard a number of people imply that if they have no money then they gain nothing – I think there is a song with that theme.

While I don’t agree with the public opinion that money is able to buy things like love etc., I am quite aware of the importance of having this commodity called money and while I don’t think of myself as a greedy person, I totally support the idea of having an abundant amount (with which you can help – not intimidate).

While there is a whole story as to why money was invented and its primary purpose and all that, the point of this short write-up is to remind us that making money boils down to a science.


Service stems from noticing a problem and working to solve it. Think of it – the richest people are those who give the greatest god to the greatest number and that is as simple as it is. Help someone selflessly and before long, someone will offer to pay you for the help/service you are rendering.


Professionalism or just wonderful customer service – be good at what you do and you will soon be indispensable (hence more money). Again, the leading firms in the world are masters of their art because mediocrity can only take you so far but a crash is eminent.

Finally, the above rules need consistency (just like every other thing in life) to yield results. And as you persevere and overcomes obstacles on your path, you will get stronger and better until such as a time when you are a formidable force. It will be worth it.

See you at the top – Happy Weekend.

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