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If you run an SME or any business, this post will help you.

Yesterday I used my company account’s ATM card to make a cash withdrawal at the ATM. Few minutes later I needed to use the same ATM card to do another transaction, so I pulled out my wallet and discovered the ATM card I used just a few minutes ago was not there.

I thought quickly and realized that I had left the ATM machine without pulling out my card. So, as I was trying to rush back to the ATM machine to look for the card, my office phone started to ring; someone called to tell me I had forgotten my card in the ATM machine. I got so surprised, wondering how the person who found the card got my office line.

When I met her, she told me that she had checked the name on the card and saw, “Bam Design Consults”, so she quickly typed it on Google and it led her to our Facebook page where she found our number. That was really smart and very kind of her. I was truly grateful.

I asked myself, what would have happened if my company didn’t have a strong presence online? What if my company website wasn’t registered and even verified on Google? What if we did not have a Facebook page or website?

That experience led me to sharing this…

I am not a digital business or marketing expert, so I obviously am not the right person to be talking about this, but I feel that it won’t hurt to share this.

Last year I hired some digital marketing and I.T. professionals to join my company’s team and help to play a major role in boosting my company’s online presence. That cost us quite some serious money, I’ll be frank with you.

They worked with us for a number of months to first re-brand the image of the company. Based on their advice, we pulled down our previous website and built a new website that’s more Google friendly. They helped to get the company registered on many key online platforms. Few months of my taking the decision to re-brand and fortify our online presence, our business took a new and more positive direction.

Just two weeks ago, I followed up on Google and they finally got our company verified. Someone from Google called me and we had a video chat, and I took her round my office, showed her my office signage via a video chat, just to prove that we actually owned the business. After about 45 minutes of video chat and online procedures with the Google staff, we finally got verified. Now if you type ‘Bam Design Consults’ on your Google search bar, you will see for yourself. You can try it after reading this.







After the thorough work by the experts I hired to join my team last year, we now have a very strong online presence. Since then we have done jobs for people who basically located us online and called to patronize us. A substantial percentage of the projects we have been doing came from clients who saw us online. We have done and are still doing building design and construction projects for Nigerians who live abroad who have never met us face to face. That’s the power of giving your business a very strong online presence. We are still growing all the same.

If you run a business, I will advise you to take very good advantage of the digital platforms that will suit your own kind of business. It goes beyond just Facebook, Instagram and Google. There are so many other platforms which I can’t begin to list here. In fact, if you are a business person and you are not actively running a Linkedin account, then you are ‘dulling’.

The advantage of getting your business registered and verified on Google is so that people can easily locate you, because Google still remains the world’s largest online search company. I hope you found this useful?

Meanwhile the pictures posted along side this post are all projects we did for clients who found us online without any human referral of any sort, just so you know what I am saying.

We will be waiting to handle your next building project.

P.S. If you care to know more about our firm please visit


or just type ‘Bam Design Consults’ on your Google search bar, and you will see many links to platforms we are registered on.


AB Emeruwa (M.D. BAM)

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