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Yes o. The holidays are upon us and with this time comes a lot of events, reflections and preparations for the new year. During this time however, people in their desire to ‘live it up’, tend to make situations harder on themselves as the new year arrives and as such we end up having 57.33 days in January.
We at have put together this short piece on how to ensure your holiday period is enjoyable but not at the detriment of your new year.

Choose wisely – Chances are that you have put away some money with which to enjoy yourself during this period but you want to prioritize. Celebrities are touring cities and as earlier stated, events are all over the place. My advice, even if you can afford it, do not go for all. Choose the places you visit and while I am not asking us to be miserly, it would be wise to exercise caution as we spend… but why the impulse to spend really?

Stop trying to impress – speaking of impulse, many people out there have friends they want to impress and as such go out of their way to spend money doing things they wouldn’t usually do; we have got to put a lid on such behavior because the people we try to impress are usually not around to loan us money when we have run out so really – wetin we gain? For me personally I am using the holiday periods to make delicious meals I usually don’t have the time to make during the busier parts of the year so I advise we all take time off to do something for ourselves.

There’ll be more holidays – But that’s the truth. 2018 Christmas is not the last one there will be so chill. How long will we continue in the cycle of hustling the hardest from November and feeling depressed in December when things didn’t work out as planned?

The holidays are a season to be merry so let’s take time out to be grateful for the year so far and all we have accomplished (there’s gotta be something to be grateful for). Next year will be better but only if we start to work on making that a reality from now. If you notice, people are a lot less tolerant with others when the holidays approach and it is largely due to great expectations that didn’t pan out. If you are reading this then please do not be one of those people.

I wish us all an enjoyable season filled with good things.

Happy Weekend.

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