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I know how next year is going to go for you and I’m going to break it down here. Let’s take a look and see if you can improve the way you will be spending your time in 2019.


All of it except for nine months will be spent sleeping. So you better get some comfortable pyjamas, I mean it. Those three months (your sleep time) affect the rest of your year so you may as well plan well for them. So you think you can function well from day to day with a little sleep?  Well your organs can’t. One example is your penis, assuming you’re a male; our members get their maintenance thanks to those woodies that we wake up with only after a good night rest.


Here’s a more unisex reason to make those three months count. You don’t sleep alone. If you’re married, quit sleeping in rags. Give yourself the best chance at stimulating your spouse – by getting some self respecting nightwear. No more torn rags. That’s three whole months you would be treating with disregard.


How much of the year do you think will be spent being ill. God forbid, you might say. Illness is discomforting and it makes one lose valuable weeks or months. So what are you doing to avoid it? If you can’t afford two week’s worth of exercise (the breakdown of three thirty minute exercise sessions per week), then can I pencil you down for a modest one month of illness? If we’re being honest, falling ill is pretty normal for most people, even if it’s a workout injury or something else that forces us to take a break.


How long is your commute to and from work? Some people don’t have wastefully long journeys to and from the office. How does yours compare to Joe Big-City whose one hour trip to work means that he will spend one and a half months in traffic next year? Do me a favor and convert that to podcast-listening time, if you’re down for it. You could learn something new instead of simply sitting in mind-numbing traffic.


Are you a student involved in some programmed academic activity? Your year is going to be predictable in a good way. You will spend a minimum of one and a half months altogether (two hours a day, excluding weekends), just so you don’t get kicked out of that study programme. A great majority of the population, whether they know it or not, will aspire to that minimum study time of yours (because they claim that they are ambitious) since research shows that you need to put in that much reading time to be like the successes of this world. If you’re enrolled in a study programme then chances are you have sufficient motivation to put in your own study/reading time. See? Predictable in a good way.


How about social media? Projections show that the average person will spend over a month on social media next year. How does your use compare to that of the average person? You visit blogs so you’re probably above average when it comes to social media use.


The focus here has been on the basic activities that take up our time. These are things that will get done regardless, yet there is such a high chance that the time could be poorly spent. If the basics are so prone to time-wastefulness, what does that say about the other ways we could spend our time? We can’t move the clock faster but we sure can improve the quality of the activities we are involved in. Happy New Year.

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