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Welcome to the last weekend of 2018. We had a good run this year as we did our part in delivering wonderful  articles all through the year. We really do appreciate the feedback we got from our readers and that has helped up improve and speaking of improvement, we are sure to see a lot more of that in the new year.

As the year comes to a close of course it is usual to see, hear and read  a lot of resolutions as people reflect on their past year. While resolutions help us put into perspective what we are to start doing and stop doing in the new year, they usually do not have any lasting effect and that is because it takes the same amount of will power to make a change be it at the beginnng or the middle of the year. Before we make a resolution, we need to work on our will-power and develop it to the point where it can accomplish set goals. How do we do this?

Start small – Before you say you are going to lose 50 pounds, how about we start with 2 pounds and build our way up? As we accomplish small goals, we build up our confidence and willpower to accomplisih more. When we have mastered this, we will find that we do need to wait tp the end  of a given year in order to make changes.

While we are on the matter of reflection, let me conclude by saying that we at have done some refection too and that is why this issue of our online magazine is bringing you our most read and most impactful articles in 2018.  We hope you enjoy the selection.

Happy New Year

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