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Instead of spending this post wishing you a Happy New Year, I’m going to try to make myself useful by addressing a common problem we all encounter in January. January Blues refers to the odd feeling that a lot of people experience in what is referred to as the longest month. It isn’t caused only by financial factors but you might find January more enjoyable if you made some smart money decisions in December. Let’s examine some of the other things that cause JB so that you understand them and know how to handle them.

Most of us will be coming down from a high following all the merriment of December. The decorations will be going down soon so streets, homes and places of business will look less fun. While a lot of people keep the decorations up for a few weeks after Christmas, they will eventually come down. And nothing says ‘the party is over’ like the removal of decorations.

You spent December with loved ones whom you don’t get to see every day. By January, everyone must get back to their bases and that can be sad. We may have Whatsapp, phone calls and other ways to get in touch but that’s different from sharing holiday experiences with people you like.

December’s food menu will be replaced by less interesting and more predictable options. Moreover the food in January will not be free.

While the holidays were designed for relaxation and entertainment, they were also an opportunity to get some work done. It may have been some reading you needed to get out of the way, or some other holiday program. Whatever the case, most people will feel a bit upset if they missed the opportunity to prepare for a return to work.

I wish you nothing but the best this year. My one tip is that you should build good habits. Our lives are already made of habits so we may as well be deliberate about them. Happy New Year from us at Howfana.

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