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Dear reader.

Lucky you! I am so excited that we are approaching the last week of the first three months of the year called January. These past months have been marked by a scarcity of parties and very little or no queue at the ATMs. Those have been the effects of what we call the holiday hangover but hold your head up! IT IS ABOUT TO GET BETTER!

Last year we had an article giving us tips on how to avoid the hangover and for those who listened, we hope it worked out for you. The year, despite the illusion January presents, is moving fast and if we are to make any visible progress, we are to move as fast.

Our editorial series are geared towards laying out subtle tips on how to improve ourselves in various areas – areas where we may not want to make a full-on article about. Also, in our editorials, we give out announcements as it concerns what’s going on in our blog and let you know what’s been going on with us the editors at

Our story series anomaly has been a big hit with our readers and at three episodes to go, we are dying with anticipation to know how it all ends. Speaking of story series, Paddle Cakes is working on an intense series titled ‘deadly proportions’ and that will premiere on valentine’s day. You get to catch it here on howfana from February 16th.

We are resuming our giveaways on Facebook in a few weeks so if you are not following us there yet, you should make plans do so immediately.

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Have a wonderful weekend.

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