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These days, I see so many young people who are eager to get married. While that’s is fine, I feel a need to share this…

I once shared my story of how I took a big risk and abandoned a salary job in Abuja back in 2009, to come back to my father’s house in Port Harcourt to come hustle on my own. It was a risk because I was not sure if that decision would pay off in the end. Still, I took the risk back then because of some reasons. First, I was still single. Secondly, I knew I had a home in Port Harcourt where I could still eat ‘mama thank you’ in case things got tough. I also had a free house to live in and a free bed to sleep on without anyone chasing me away. I most likely wouldn’t have made such a risky relocation if I had been married at the time. Today, I am not yet where I wish to be but at least I am a whole lot better off.

These days I see so many young and single people taking life very easy and calm, while praying and hoping to get married soonest. Please know this; your days of singlehood are supposed to be your craziest days – days when you should have guts, and dare to take all manners of risks in your business, career and profession.

As a single person, you can put all your money together and throw into a dangerous business investment and be ‘soaking garri’ while you wait, hoping and praying for your risky move to pay off. As a single person, you can wake up any day and decide to leave town to go try your hands at some crazy ideas you have been nursing. And you wouldn’t need to explain to anyone, the details of your whereabouts. You wouldn’t bother your head too much about where to live as long as you have a friend who is willing to offer you a little corner to lay your head at night. As a single person, you can do and undo all manner of crazy things, go all out and explore the potentials inside of you.

But once you are married, you cannot even increase the volume of your TV without seeking the consent of the person watching with you (your spouse). When you are a married man, you cannot take certain crazy risks because if you go broke and cashless, what will you tell your wife and kids? How are they supposed to feed What will you tell your landlord?

I know so many people who have been stuck a small salary job for so many years because they have built their lives and responsibilities around that financial level. Right now, they cannot even think of taking any risk. Many married men are stuck in less satisfactory occupations because right now it’s too late for them to take risks. What if they fail? How will their families cope?

If you are still single, how blessed and privileged you are. If you take a risk and you fail, you can easily bounce back. When you put in your resources to build an amazing idea, and go temporarily broke (while waiting for your risky venture to yield profit), you have no wife or kids to explain to how food will come.

Young single men and women, this stage of your life is not a stage to play cool. It’s a stage to DARE! Stop playing safe and get out of your comfort zone. If you have an idea in your mind and it’s seriously pressing on you, you need to throw away that fear of failure that keeps you from trying, and take that risk. Now is the time. Don’t let anything keep you back from taking that CALCULATED risk now, or else you will live the rest of your life regretting. Believe in yourself and in your God. You can do it.


AB Emeruwa

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