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The Internet is vast and I bet you are sick and tired of hearing that. However I have to re-iterate the point because as you may have guessed it, it’s that important. Today, there is basically a website where you can get any and everything done. There is instrucatables which helps you make anything, we have youtube with all the video tutorials you could wish for, let’s not forget twitter which can substitute your TV news channel. There’s so much going on with the internet and if you are not selling there, then it may be time you start.

1. Everybody’s there.

I will prefer to not bug us with statistics but you should know that the current earth population is an estimated 7.5billion people and as at the fourth quarter of 2018, Facebook recorded an active 2.3billion users (monthly).

The previous stats are just about Facebook but imagine that. Technically the whole world is represented on the internet so it is more than a viable place for you to sell your product and service. The above numbers are set to increase so it’s not a case of ‘the market is saturated’. There will always be an audience for you when you go online.

2. It’s cheaper.

Well of course it is cheaper. When doing business offline, you need an office, perhaps you would pay some staff, then promote your business. On the internet, companies like Facebook allow you promote your business for as little as N200 a day and google does it for as little as N4,000 a month.

If you want to set up a website and hosting (which is pretty much setting up office space online) sure it’s going to cost you but that cost is nowhere close to renting an office space in a mall or otherwise. On the internet, you get to load up information on what you do as well as showcase your products and services. You can set up prices, shipping and even get paid without having to establish physical contact with the client/customer. I say that’s a very good deal.

3. The Internet is not going anywhere

Or should I say “…will be around for a long time” and more people are going to get on there. Our lives are dependent on information and the internet has brought information to our fingertips. What this means is:

To stay up-to-date is to have access to the internet.

…and there is no simpler way to put it.

Companies like Google are making connectivity free (read about it here.) and that will remove the ‘expensive data’ factor which currently affects many. With this barrier removed, a lot more people are going to be online and all those people are potential customers. The longer you are on the internet, the more experience  and followers you are going to get and as we all know, those numbers help with customer confidence. The point remains that we should take our businesses online as soon as possible.


There is no business you cannot market on the internet. Your business must not be an online based business (such as jumia) for you to enjoy the benefits. These days, with the accessibility of smartphones, we all the information we need so millions of searches are going on daily. people are searching for products, services and tips to help them solve one problem or upgrade themselves and with your business online to match those searches… It can only get better.

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