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I have great news for everyone; you don’t have to put up with poor customer care anymore. If you’re like me, you must be tired of shabby treatment at various establishments. It could be a high end jewelry store with sassy attendants who made you feel like you weren’t wealthy enough to be fussed over. Or maybe it’s the manager at the bank who doesn’t seem very worried about the fact that you are upset. But you’re the customer. Don’t they say that the customer is king?

The good news is that everybody’s boss is online now. If you have never reached out to somebody’s boss because you were being treated poorly, you should try it. It feels amazing. A lot of people in offices behave very badly, forgetting that anyone can look on their company website for the phone numbers of influential members of staff. Of course you don’t want to be the jerk that puts workers at risk. Just be sure that you’ve given them the chance to do the right thing. Once you are sure that you have been patient enough, it’s time to turn on your data.

I remember having difficulty getting my cable channels on Christmas Day. I tried seven different customer care lines. A few of them were switched off but most of them rang multiple times with no answer. What did I do? I simply tweeted at the company saying, “What kind of company ignores its customers on Christmas Day?” In about ten minutes, a company rep slid into my DM. The direct message was an inquiry to know what my challenge was, and that they would like to have my details. About thirty minutes later I was watching all my channels. Sweet!

I must warn that some bosses are just as bad as their subordinates whom you might have cause to report. Some of them might simply move to defend the person who set on your quest for justice. But even bosses have bosses. You won’t always get what you want.

I know I sound like I do this quite a lot. The truth is that even if you had cause offline, to ask to speak to the boss, you may find that the boss is just someone who encourages bad customer care. After all, there are companies that get it right. Excellent customer care usually come from a good company culture.

The beauty about trying to get the boss’s attention, going through an online platform, is that you can access his information easily (literally with the click of a button). Some businesses are also afraid of being embarrassed online.

As I conclude this, I still feel that you might be judging me as if I am some kind of snitch. That makes me want to come to your office to test your customer care skills. You know I can find you.

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