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In our lives today, it’s increasingly difficult to log off from work (it seems to always find you). Technology streamlines life and opens up new opportunities but it doesn’t reduce our workloads.

Now, many employees find it difficult to switch off when emails continue to pop up on their smartphone. The knock on effect here is less time spent with family. How do you stop this trend and embrace some much needed time? We’ve got some handy tips for you so you won’t let work take priority over spending time with family:

1. Switch off your devices

The pressure on modern employees is enormous, which makes it tempting to continue working long after your 5pm finish. Of course, most staff aren’t paid for this overtime (I now right?). Reading through the internet, we even came across a term called “leavism”. This is where employees take holiday time to catch up on their backlog of work, rather than relax (how absurd is that?).

Constantly working is a drain on your health. You simply need time off to recover. It’ll make you more effective at work too. So once you get back home, turn your devices off. Get away from work and catch up with your family, indulge in a few hobbies, and relax. It may not be the easiest thing to do but if you care about your wellbeing, you’ll give it a try. It’ll become part of you with consistency (like everything else in life)

Over the course of a few weeks, you’ll lapse into more family-friendly activities. It all starts with hitting the off button – or, at the very least, your “do not disturb” feature.

2. Work remotely

Let’s not kid ourselves. This is the 21st century and the chances are that your job requires you to use a computer which is connected to the internet. You could improve your work life balance drastically with a remote worker role. Not every career route is open to this. But if your industry is, then you could request this opportunity with your current employer.

Working from home can be the most beneficial thing that can happen as it saves you the time-lapse between home and office and also the cost of transportation. Let’s not forget the purpose we are opting for this option – to spend more time with our loved ones.


3. Relax before going home

Arriving home from work feeling stressed out and unhappy can only have negative results on your family. As such, relax properly before you return home. Take a trip to the gym, for instance, or take a walk around your local area. Do some shopping. Pick up a book you want to read. Listen to some music or comedy on your way home or buy a present for the kids.

These actions help you to be ‘present’ for the people who you are about to meet at home and would do wonders for your relationshp with them. I am speaking from experience (and I bet you can relate) when I say that a stressed-out version of you is no good to anybody – not even you.

4. Don’t talk work

I know you want to tell  your spouse or sibling what happened at work. It’s not your fault because you spend all day in the office and have very little experiences outside that scenario. However, you can begin to find other topics to discuss other than work (which would mostly revolve around stress)

One way you can accomplish this is to set up activities at your home such as a game night or movie night. That way, when you return from work, you can relive your experiences from your home activities rather than from your work.

5. Take a new career route

If it’s not possible for new working hours, then a change of career path could open up new opportunities. There are endless new opportunities available for you. Actively hunting for new roles can open up a new world for you. After all, many modern businesses are in tune with a sound work life balance. Your next step could lead to a better job, plus more time to spend with your family.

But how do you go about a career change?  Here’s a guide for when you have no idea how to change career.



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