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I wish there were orientation courses for university freshmen in Nigeria; I’m talking about an opportunity to be told what to expect by older or former students.  If such courses exist then I must have been absent for mine. If you are the type of freshman that I was then let’s have a little orientation about one aspect of the university experience.


I went to the University of Port Harcourt so my neck muscles became very developed from five years of staring at beautiful young women. The delectable eye candy while I was there included Agbani Darego who went on to win the Miss World pageant. I’m ashamed to work out what percentage of my attention was spent thinking about these “babes”. If I had known what was to come in a couple of years I would have paid them no mind.


This is not an article about a guy who had a whirlwind romance with a girl and ended up blah blah blah. This is more of an orientation course I’m giving to freshers, and which someone should have given me when I was getting into the university. It’s targeted at the kind of undergraduate I was when I enrolled; bookworm/nerd, hate cultism, love friends and entertainment. If those things are not at your core then find someone else to write an article for you.


My senior friend in the university had said to me once, “Ignore all these girls. Just focus on your academics and one day you’ll have the girls”. I could not take his advice because the hypocrite had a very hot girlfriend himself.


My senior friend was right, God rest his soul. First of all, there were so many girls I chased in the university whom today you wouldn’t be able to pay me to go out with knowing what I now know about romance. There are compatibility issues, ethnic considerations and other things about love which you probably shouldn’t be learning with your study time and school pocket money. You should learn these lessons with your own money when you start working. Remember that this article is not for the players who have so much non-academic stuff going for them. It’s for the lower or middle class one-woman nerd who could easily get distracted by the fluff on campus.


The plain truth is that the quality of academic learning in Nigerian universities is such that you should get the best of it. Anything else, as far as we are talking about Nigerian university education is not really worth it. I understand the need to ‘let the university pass through you’ as well. Just remember who you are and what your values are. You are right to get curious about trends on campus but they still ought to be filtered through your principles and values. Beware of peer influence.


I think that a lot of people like me embarked on a journey of discovery and ended up just finding the person they were before they enrolled. Some people argue that your identity has actually formed by age 14 though I believe it differs from person to person.


Fast forward almost twenty years later and I am happily married to someone who is beautiful on the inside and the outside. I am hesitant to say that marital bliss will happen for everyone, because we may not have the same beliefs and life journey. However, there is a trend of success and stability among guys who didn’t lose sight of their goals for enrolling in the university. Their journey to happiness seemed smoother.

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