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“Why me?” Eno asked Ama 3 weeks ago just before she was taken to the hospital. Since then she hadn’t had a good night’s rest. On this Night however, the nightmares were more violent than ever. As Eno awoke, she struggled through a pool of her own sweat as she sat up on her bed. Her heartbeat was so loud that she feared her housemates in other rooms could hear them. She scanned the room as though she was looking for something or someone but she was alone. The quiet of the night suggested that it was still around 2am. What a time to be awake She thought to herself.

They’ll understand. It’s just business.

Eno tried to convince herself that what she had agreed to was right; she trusted Ama that much.

She reached out to her bedside stool to pick up her remote control. She decided to watch some TV until she felt like sleeping again. As she reached for the remote, her hand brushed something else that lay on the stool. She turned to realize that she had knocked over a white bottle and on seeing the words “Bicarbonate of Soda” written on it, she paused for a second as she reflected on Ama’s words at the bakery 3 weeks ago.

“The world takes shape according to what you believe” Ama has said. “In business, risks are inevitable and this is the risk we have to take to achieve our goal.”

Eno smirked as she remembered the meeting and shook her head.

Ama was never supposed to end up in the hospital. I was just following orders Eno thought to herself. But seriously, she and Joyce have taken this their rivalry too far.


Dami sat in the lobby as she fed her eyes. She had never been in such a lush building before. The decorations were sparkling and the scent of the place was enticing. She didn’t want to be there especially after trying so hard to avoid the meeting. They let her go? How? How did she manage to convince the police that she was innocent?

“Hello Dami is it?” someone said standing in front of her. “Joyce will see you now”

“Are you Robert?” Dami asked. The young man standing in front of her smiled.

“No I’m not” he said “Do you know Robert?”

Dami shook her head lightly. “I don’t know him really; we only spoke on the phone”

“Okay” the young man replied. “This way please”

Dami stood up and followed. From the lobby, she climbed a flight of stairs which ended at a short hallway. The man pointed her to a red door and said nothing else as he walked away. I guess he’s not much of a talker Dami amused herself in thought before she proceeded to the door.

On entering the room,, Dami was met with a space smaller than she would have imagined. There was a three-seater chair to the right side of the door backing the wall and two chairs in front of Dami. She couldn’t help but notice the table which was in the room; a dark mahogany design with a gold and silver strip on each side. But the office was empty – there was no Joyce.

“I’ll be right with you Dear” said a voice which seemed to be coming from inside the walls. Dami looked around shocked but she saw no one. She stepped back as though exiting the office but then a tall lady dressed in a black gown appeared from a part of the room that was obviously in Dami’s blindspot.

“Take a seat Dami” Joyce said as she sat down herself on the chair on the other side of the table.

“Good Morning” Dami said as she sat down.

“Thank you Dami” Joyce replied with a faint smile “You would not believe the week I’ve had”

Dami said nothing.

“The police came by to ask me some questions you know” Joyce continued. The make-up on her face made it difficult for her facial expressions to be read. Dami couldn’t tell if Joyce was happy or sad as she continued her story.

“It turns out someone told them I could be a suspect” she said.

“Hmm” Dami muffled.

“Unbelievable right?” Joyce said. “Well they also said that I was a suspect because a deadly poison which is usually found in cosmetics was in her system”

She stared down at Dami the whole time; neither of them broke eye contact.

“Seeing as we are known to have some kind of … You know”

Dami still said nothing. So Joyce continued.

“What they are yet to figure out however is how the poison got into her system. They said they searched the bakery and turned up empty. All the ingredients were fine”

“Oh?” Dami said. “That’s strange”

“It is indeed” Joyce said rather quickly; almost cutting Dami off.

“Why are you telling me all this?” Dami asked. “Robert said you wanted a cake”

“Well that was a week ago before you called the police on me” Joyce said. There was a blank expression on her face. Her eye contact with Dami remained unbroken.

“Whaa….what?” Dami stammered. “I..I”

“I know you meant well Dami” Joyce said. All fingers point to me. It was my gift that contained the poison”. And then she bent closer to Dami. “Of course the caller failed to mention that part and I think it’s because she doesn’t know where it is”. She winked as she leaned back in her chair.

Dami didn’t know how to feel. She was scared and angry at the same time. “Okay I called the police and told them what I figured out.” Dami tried to calm herself but it wasn’t working. “They thought I did it!” Dami said. “I’ve not been able to function right in weeks.”

“I know it’s unfortunate” Joyce said sympathetically

“Don’t patronize me” Dami said as she stood up from her chair. “How do you know the baking soda is missing?”

“Oh that’s just a guess dear” Joyce said bluntly. “Like you said, you told them everything you figured out and fro you not to tell them about the baking soda, you haven’t figured it out yet?”

Joyce also stood up and started to pace the office. “That means…”

Dami was confused.

“I admit I don’t like Ama” Joyce started. “But I didn’t poison that baking thingy”

“Then who did?” Dami asked coldly.

“Ask the person who removed the evidence.” Joyce shot back. “The person must have known that I would be blamed for it and they must have known that Ama and I are not friends”

“Well that could be anybody at this point” Dami said.

“Really?” Joyce said. “Damn Ama and her loud mouth”

Dami chuckled. Joyce took note and smiled back. “Sit down Dami. I know you can tell I am innocent”

Dami paused for a second and then sat.

“Our rivalry started a long time ago Dami” Joyce said. “Ama and I were in Primary school together and we have been at each other’s necks since.”

Dami’s eyes widened. “Since primary school?”

“We don’t hate each other” Joyce said. “We decided to prove once and for all who was better at… I don’t even know when we met again in business school”

“And?” Dami asked.

“Oh we both got expelled” Joyce said. “So I guess we didn’t settle it then”.

“Oh no!” Dami said. “That must have been hard”

“Well it was harder for my parents than it was for me” Joyce continued. “Seeing as they paid the tuition and flight money”

“You got expelled from a school abroad?” Dami asked. “I’m so sorry”.

“It’s fine” Joyce said softly. “I never needed a business school to know I’s be successful. You see the world takes shape according to what you believe. You only see what your eyes want to see”.

Dami nodded. She could see why Joyce was successful. She had a way of winning people over.

“I called you here because I know you are wrapped up in this thing too” Joyce said as she sat back in her chair; “and together we are going to figure it all out”


Eno resumed at the bakery at her usual time; one hour after the actual resumption and like every other time she resumed late, she had an explanation. Today her reason for being late was the fact that she didn’t get enough sleep the previous night. The good news was that with Ama in the hospital and Dami away from the bakery, she had no one to answer to.

“You should have been here an hour ago”

Eno paused in her tracks as she let her mind absorb all the masculinity from the voice she just heard.

“Hello D!” she said. “I was just…”

“Actually” Damian interrupted. “I want the password to Ama’s computer”

“oh…” Eno’s reaction showed that she wasn’t sure whether or not to hand it over.

“She told me about what she discussed with you so I know that you have it ”

Eno could not hide the surprise on her face.

“She tells me everything” He continued. “And no I do not approve but whatever… you two should be careful.” He paused for a second. “The password please”.

A few seconds later, Damian was face-to-face with Ama’s laptop computer which had been in her office ever since her incident. He hurriedly clicked through the touch pad as he scrolled through documents and after a while his eyes narrowed. He picked up a pen wrote something down. Then picking up the phone he placed a call.

“Hello Doc” he said. “Yes it’s been a while. I had no Idea my sister has been visiting you again.”

_____________________*** TO BE CONTINUED *** _____________________________

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