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How many tweets does Donald Trump post each day? To answer that question we took a look at his Twitter activity, and the results are in;  The United States President tweets an average of 11 times a day. That’s almost three times as much as the average user. There has always been criticism over the tone of Trump’s tweets, but how many Americans realise that Trump’s Twitter addiction can be a good thing?


Buy a plane ticket and visit other countries, and you will find that there are way too many countries where citizens have no idea how their leaders genuinely feel about key issues. Many leaders are hiding behind the best speechwriters and social media managers that money can buy. This is a good thing if you’re the leader of a country with cultural polarization that could spiral into mass killings and even genocide just because the wrong words are uttered. But what about those leaders who use spokespersons simply because their unedited communications are the stuff of nightmares? There are so many leaders who never get to express their inner Trump for all to see.


There’s an accepted standard in many third world nations whereby leaders communicate through written statements. Imagine if Trump acted like those guys and kept dodging interviews while allowing his media team to write politically correct statements on his behalf. Not exactly a democracy is it?


It is far better to know that your president might be bigoted, mean or whatever; so that you can vote him out if you choose to. It’s the age-old saying about the devil you know. Far too many politicians know what to say and what not to say, in order to win elections. But when does the mask come off? Where is the dirt that you should expect simply because they are human? Trump never had a chance to pretend to be perfect because he’s been in the public eye all his life. He’s even been a reality television star.


With every harsh tweet that he posts, the US President is helping to establish the standard of communication people should expect from him. The scary thing to ponder is what effect his social media antics will have on the world’s standards over time. Will we have future POTUS’s who will drop the act a little and show who they are without the world being shocked? Will leaders of other nations try harder to speak off the cuff so their people will have a chance to know how they think? America has set many trends and it won’t stop now. Some people think that an un-presidential president is a backward thing but who told you that the world was moving forward anyway? Isn’t there expected to be an apocalypse eventually?


Come to think of it Trump is exactly the kind of world leader that should have been depicted in any 80s movie about a futuristic earth. A younger person might have been depicted in the role but the communication would have been just as post-apocalyptic.


Maybe it’s the citizens of the various nations that are at fault for expecting such high standards of behavior from leaders. Is America right for expecting its President to be polite when that’s not exactly the world’s perception of Americans in general? For avoidance of doubt, the world sees America as an alpha who does what it feels while the whole world imitates it. So maybe Trump’s antics will get more acceptance in his home country when other world leaders start…(I hate to type it)… imitating him.

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